All About ALAN – 2020 Edition

What kinds of relief activities has ALAN been involved in during the first part of 2020?

If you’ve wondered why you haven’t heard much from us, there’s a reason.

Much of our early 2020 has been dominated by the unprecedented challenges that were created by COVID-19 – and the many requests for our assistance and leadership that we received.

We spoke about many these activities in our “Why Are We So Grateful To Our In-Kind Donors? Let Us Count The Ways” blog (which we encourage you to read), so we won’t share too much here.   But we will say this:  Even though it’s been one of the busiest springs in ALAN’s history, it’s also been one of the most gratifying, because when our non-profit partners asked for assistance, we were able to deliver time and time again thanks to our amazing logistics partners.

What else has ALAN been up to? 

In April, we launched our Supply Chain Intelligence Center.  It’s an advanced visibility dashboard that provides a real-time view of the latest disasters and their supply chain impacts via an easy-to-use map. And it’s available to all businesses, non-profits and industry organizations free of charge. If you haven’t registered to use it yet, we hope you will soon by visiting

And in May, we opened nominations for our fourth annual Humanitarian Logistics Awards, our yearly salute to individuals and companies that have gone above and beyond to provide compassionate supply chain response.  Nominations are open until July 10, so we hope you’ll help us recognize an outstanding individual or company that has gone above and beyond by nominating them at  (And P.S.You can even nominate yourself, so don’t be shy.)

What about hurricane season?

If a hurricane or named tropical storm hits, our first priority will be providing humanitarian logistics support to impacted areas (all while also continuing to support relief efforts for other active disasters, including COVID-19).  So bear with us if we’re not immediately flooding your inbox with updates.

That said, we’ll try to keep you well-informed via variety of channels, including periodic e-mails, blogs, social media posts, our Disaster Micro-site, and our Supply Chain Intelligence Center.  In addition, we’ll work closely with our media partners to get the word out.

Is there anything else we should know? 

For more information about how you can get your business ready for the busiest part of hurricane season, check out our newly updated STORM Advisory — and share it with your staff, colleagues or partners as you see fit.

And if you have additional pandemic or storm-related questions or concern, feel free send us a note via our website, or drop us an e-mail at  Our lines of communication are always open, and we are always happy to hear from you.

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