Aerospace engine dress bay lifting systems

Handling Specialty builds robust, custom material handling equipment for multiple, international aerospace companies. With over 50 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, aerospace companies trust HSML to design, build and support custom lifting systems employed in the manufacture and maintenance of aero engines.

An engine dress bay lifting system places the engine into an ergonomic position to allow personnel to work on the unit while either in the assembly phase or to perform maintenance on the engine.

In every instance, it is imperative that the lift be completely level and without any sway as the pre-dress process takes place. In addition, the safety of the workers as they move around and under the engine is always paramount. As lifting capacities vary from engine model to model Handling Specialty customizes the system per the required capacity and dimensions.

Generally, the lift platform uses four, electro-mechanically actuated, vertically positioned high efficiency ball screw assemblies. Each actuator is powered by a servo motor drive for smooth acceleration and deceleration and has enough capacity to safely support the load if one of the other actuators were to fail. Ball screw jacks also have a load carrying spring installed in the ball nut to support the load in case of ball nut return tube failure.

The equipment is provided with various electrical and mechanical operational safety mechanisms to protect the equipment during normal operations. The electrical items include travel limit switches, overtravel limit switches, linear encoders and load cell monitors. Mechanically, the equipment is provided with four spring bumpers for end of travel limits, down stops and a secondary anti-fall platform safety retention system. This passive platform retention system ensures the ultimate in secondary anti-fall protection for both technicians and equipment.

Precision placement of the engine is essential as it is assembled, or maintenance is performed. Multi-axis movements to expertly position the engine are carried out by the ability to shift the engine side to side (east/west and north/south) and tilt the platform, offering advanced ergonomic benefits to the technicians and to aid in loading/unloading the engine. Each engine lift dress-bay is also equipped with hoists to assist in moving components to and from the engine. HSML’s production proven drive system offers smooth, synchronized and level motion throughout the range of travel and accurately supports to the load at any elevation.

The operator’s utilities attached to the dress bay lifting system can often include personnel fans, air hose reels, jet light reels, electrical outlets, data ports and be Industry 4.0 interface compatible.

The Handling Specialty aerospace engine dress bay lifting system is employed in multiple facilities the world over.

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