Access Control Group Launches “AWARE”. A Collision Avoidance System Designed to Offer a Comprehensive Safety Solution.

Chaotic work environments, distracted workers and equipment zooming through facilities such as distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, construction sites or ports can cause collision risks. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the construction industry is responsible for more than 21% of all worker deaths in the U.S. while at the same time OSHA estimates forklifts cause 34,900 accidents that result in serious injury each year, costing a company from $38,000 to $150,000 for a single incident.

Many such accidents could be avoided with the right equipment and training.

Scalable Telematics provider Access Control Group is launching a proximity warning system to help companies protect their employees’ safety: AWARE, an Ultra Wide Band (UWB) based proximity system that measures distance between moving objects and alerts both operators and pedestrians of approaching equipment. Additionally, UWB technology allows AWARE to penetrate most obstacles and operate around blind corners.

Aware was designed to operate for the safety of pedestrians and mobile assets in material handling, construction, maritime and distribution center industries. But unlike other collision avoidance systems, AWARE is an option you can add to our scalable telematics solution “Advanced” to avoid managing multiple gadgets and higher costs, while at the same time being able to track, measure and report on equipment damage, productivity and safety issues while additionally monitoring battery and fuel levels.

How AWARE works
When a wearable tag or an equipment comes in the range of another equipment, an audio visual alarm indicator warns the operator. AWARE offers 2 settings, Alert and Alarm. After the initial 30 minute installation, the range settings can be adjusted from the system or the cloud to meet any specific requirements.

Wearable tag is operated by a rechargeable battery that can last up to three weeks. Recharging can be done by simply placing the tag on a wireless charger.

About Access Control Group:
Access Control Group is a pioneer in scalable asset management witAware grh 21+ years of industry experience helping businesses in the ground support, material handling and manufacturing industries. We provide IIoT solutions to Fortune 100-500 corporations and help them gain unprecedented visibility across their enterprise with our modern API.

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