Access Control Group Introduces Telematics as a Service (TaaS)

Access Control Group (Access) today announced its new subscription-based service for equipment managers to pay for their telematics devices: Telematics as a Service (TaaS). Telematics devices can help companies save up to millions of dollars through proper resource planning, but the initial capital investment in equipment has historically hindered many companies from taking advantage of the benefits of these products. To address this issue, Access took a note from the Software as a Service (Saas) model by creating TaaS, their version of bundling all equipment and software costs into one monthly payment while only charging users for actual usage.

Now in its 18th year, Access has developed a reputation for providing innovative asset management solutions, with those efforts now extending into how customers pay for their products. In an attempt to provide customers with solutions they actually want, Access identified the primary barriers that prevented a customer from investing in telematics devices.

“While we have always offered affordable pricing for our premium products, we wanted to make our products even more accessible by offering a solution that allows companies both large and small the ability to utilize our full line of fleet management solutions,” said Access CEO Arun Patel. “With our diverse portfolio of products that match any customer’s needs and a payment solution that is more aligned with our customer’s business goals, we hope to change how companies invest in the solutions needed.”

Just as the SaaS model revolutionized how consumers accessed software, Access hopes to do the same when it comes to industrial asset management solutions through TaaS. By reducing upfront hardware costs and only charging customers for what they use, Access is making equipment management solutions accessible to companies of any size.

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About Access Control Group

Access Control Group was founded in 2000 by CEO Arun Patel to provide practical and affordable solutions to managing industrial equipment fleets. Access is the only telematics provider in the industry today that offers a one source solution for any forklift or plant equipment, GSE, batteries, and chargers. 

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