Access Control Group Develops The First Ever Wireless Battery Sensor

Access Control Group (Access) today announced a revolutionary new product called Smartie, the first ever Bluetooth-enabled battery sensor to be available to the electric asset industry. To date, traditional battery monitoring methods have been expensive and have offered limited connectivity options that do not match the modern processes by which most fleet managers operate. By developing Smartie, Access seeks to help organizations maximize their battery investment with an affordable, wireless solution that can be universally applied to any lead acid battery.

Smartie is the only smart sensor available in the industry today that can accurately measure battery water levels and temperature in real time. All battery data is transmitted via Bluetooth technology and displayed on the Smartie application as actionable, timestamped reports on tablet or mobile devices. The data collected is crucial to providing the proper maintenance necessary to maximize the overall lifetime of the battery.

“Many of our clients recognize the value of investing in fleet management solutions to protect their electric powered assets yet tend to neglect investing in solutions that could protect the batteries that power those assets,” said Access CEO Arun Patel. “We know that a vehicle is only as strong as the battery on which it operates, so we chose to make battery management attainable with the introduction of Smartie.”

Historically, battery management has been a neglected initiative in many organizations due to high costs, limited resources and outdated connectivity abilities. However, it’s proven that properly maintaining a battery could extend the battery’s lifetime by two years. With the average battery investment being around $5,000-$7,000 for a typical warehousing distribution center and the costs of batteries only increasing year-after-year, the prioritization to maximize the value of that investment dramatically increases.

Smartie eliminates the common barriers to battery management and updates the data collection process so that organizations have a scalable solution to take advantage of the significant cost savings that can be achieved through proper battery management.

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