Recruitment & Hiring Post COVID

Lift & Tilt Podcast – Episode 008 :  Recruitment & Hiring Post Covid
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Date: 7/10/20

Host: Kurt Guntner

Overview: Kurt and special guest discuss what recruiting, hiring, and retainment will look like post COVID and why your business should start thinking about it now – while sipping Prisoner wine.

Recruiting & Hiring Post COVID

1) Job Market

The job market has changed – there is a much larger talent pool and many candidates from other industries that might have transferable skills.

2) Short vs Long Term Needs

Balancing short term needs with the changing demands of long term shifts in need for skilled labor, tech savvy candidates for automation, and retainment.

3) Redefine Candidate Quality

Prioritize candidate quality,  person-organization and job fit to ensure long-term success. There is a large talent pool – be picky.

4) Promote Job Growth & Security

Remember to focus on promoting long-term job security and opportunities for growth. That’s the number one thing job seekers will be looking for in times of economic downturn.

5) Build Your Brand

Mark Cuban, a well-known entrepreneur, said it best: how companies treat their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic will likely define their brand for decades to come.

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Harver | Hiring in the Post-COVID-19 Era

The Prisoner

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