Trust & Team Dynamics Amongst Controversy

Lift & Tilt Podcast – Episode 007 :  Trust & Team Dynamics Amongst Controversy
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Date: 6/8/20

Host: Kurt Guntner

Overview: Kurt discusses the importance of trust in business teams and how issues like COVID-19 response, social injustice, and media censorship are sowing discord within our organizations.

Trust & Psychological Safety

1) Psychological Safety

Trust is being able to predict that you won’t embarrass, punish, or humiliate me in a social setting.

2) Questioning

When trust is developed, I feel safe to ask questions about tasks, instructions, or projects without fear of retribution. This leads to greater efficiency and effectiveness when completing tasks.

3) Goodwill

If trust is developed, and goodwill is formed, I can give others the benefit of the doubt about a questionable statement or action.

4) Decision Making

The ability to innovate and quickly make business decisions is based on trust. My boss and colleagues, trust and value my capability and opinion. Therefore there is less time involved in verifying my work, thoughts, or opinions – and projects move forward more quickly.

5) Morale

When we trust that our leaders, colleagues, or organization have our best interest at heart – the work place is a place of enjoyment and provide a sense of accomplishment. When doubt and distrust arise, we dread heading into the office.

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