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365: Seamless Parcel Shipping by ShipX

ShipX is an innovative platform that brings together a variety of assets across the United States to provide fast and reliable final-mile delivery for retailers, brands, and other companies. It streamlines the process of transporting products from stores to customers’ doorsteps, making it easier for businesses to get their goods to their customers quickly and efficiently. ShipX CEO Solomon Zakinov joins this episode of The New Warehouse to discuss the parcel shipping market and how the ShipX technology works to provide a seamless shipping experience. Tune in to learn more about ShipX and the parcel shipping landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • Solomon shares that retailers are looking for a balanced approach to delivery services that offer both a competitive price and reliable customer service. This includes providing faster delivery times, better tracking information, and a higher level of customer service than the post office. Companies are also beginning to realize that they need to create flexible pricing models that reflect their customers’ needs to stay competitive.
  • Solomon explains how retailers utilize a blend of national shipping companies, postal delivery, and alternate delivery companies for the best coverage. ShipX acquired a middle-mile trucking and transportation company for better control over the truck part of delivery. This acquisition allows them to separate from other final mile solutions due to greater coverage (70% of US) and seamless processing.
  • As the delivery services industry evolves, companies must pay close attention to the changing landscape. Solomon believes staying ahead of the competition means finding the right mix of traditional regional carriers and more modern players. Procurement managers should aim for a diversified selection of delivery services that accommodate national or postal solutions and larger packages that cannot ship via LTL.

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EP 365: Seamless Parcel Shipping by ShipX

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