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2021 OSHA Forklift Safety Regulation Updates

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) issued new proposal for 2021 updating its forklift and walking-working surfaces rulemaking regarding the powered industrial trucks standard that incorporates the 2018 Industry Consensus Standard – Safety Standard for Low Lift and High Lift Trucks (ANSI/ITSDF B56.1a-2018).

The Department of Labor reports that OSHA continues its ongoing research of workplace safety and requirements for the maintenance standards and use of powered industrial trucks, including training of operators, inspection standards and audits. The following highlights the top statical findings attributed to forklift inspections and accidents reported during 2019.

According to OSHA:

  1. Many pre-operation forklift inspections are neglected or poorly documented.
  2. Inspections assist companies in being proactive and thorough in their warehouses.
  3. Documenting inspections is considered to be in the best interest for owners and employees.
  4. Documenting equipment inspections protects your firm reduce non-compliance fines.
  5. Proper pre-operation inspection practices are proven means of avoiding injury and death.
  6. Assures your firm has inspection documentation accessible for OSHA when/if safety concerns arise.

Causes of forklift mechanical failure fluctuates based on the make, age, model, and ‘level of use’ of the equipment. Which means that the best approach for any company is to be prepared! Performing regular forklift inspections, keeping up with routine maintenance and conducting periodic independent equipment audits gives you the peace of mind that your equipment is well maintained, your employees are safe and injury litigation costs will diminish or be avoided.

Are you certain that your forklift equipment is fully OSHA regulation compliant? Could your company withstand an OSHA equipment inspection? These are questions many companies will be facing in 2021!

Lift Auditors is your advocate for protecting your company’s equipment and employee’s safety while helping you avoid financial losses resulting from accidents or non-inspection penalties. Ask us how we can help your firm’s 2021 forklift equipment maintenance strategy … we love talking to you. Call: 888-310-3776 or email:

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