10 Useful Material Handling Accessories

Forklift Clear Cap – The Forklift Clear Cap is a rugged and well-designed roof cover for current and late model lift trucks. Made of high impact, non-yellowing polycarbonate plastic, the Clear Cap provides relief from rain, snow, dust, and sunlight for operators. Features a unique dome design that diverts rain and small particulates away from the operator. Channels and gutters eliminate cascading water. This alternative to shrink-wrap, plywood, and cardboard provides greater operator comfort and safety. The Clear Cap is quick and easy to install and no drilling or tapping is required; eliminating expensive shop time. The tinted model option is available to provide extra UV protection. 

Forklift Wireless Camera System

Forklift Wireless Camera System –

The forklift Safe-View Wireless Camera System is an excellent tool to give the operator a variety of different views on the lift truck and is extremely easy to install and operate. The Safe-View system has wireless cameras (mounted with a rechargeable battery pack) that can be placed on the carriage to view the fork position when the mast is extended or mounted anywhere else on the lift that has lead or steel via magnets that hold up to 100 lbs. The system uses an SD card (not included) to record all activity that occurs when the system is turned on. The optional Magnetic Mount Camera Bracket equipped with impact bumper can easily be installed on the mast to protect the camera for front view applications.

Lift Truck Log

Lift Truck Log – Forklift Equipment Log Book OSHA requires that all forklifts be inspected before the beginning of each shift. The Lift Truck Log provides 624 daily forklift checklists (over 2-years) in one complete kit. If the truck requires maintenance there is a Forklift Repair Request Form that can be filled out to alerts management of the mechanical failure. All information in stored in the Log to keep a history of the mechanical condition of the truck. In the event that the forklift does not pass inspection, the Lift Truck Log contains a lock-out tag to tag-out the equipment for safety. Available in English or Spanish: Propane counterbalance, electric counterbalance, electric pallet truck and reach truck inspection forms.

Replacement Battery Caps

Electric Forklift Battery Cap

Replacement Battery Caps –

These replacement forklift battery caps fit all standard bayonet type batteries. These replacement caps are sold in packages of (6) caps.

Forklift Arrow Blue Light

Forklift Arrow Blue Light –Forklift Blue Arrow Light

The Forklift Arrow Blue Light projects a large, bright arrow on the ground up to 20 feet away in front or back of the forklift. Alerting pedestrians of not only a nearby forklift but also the direction of travel the forklift is moving. We’ve found this technology to be very useful around blind corners and trailers. Also available in Red.Specifications: Voltage: 12-60V Power: 3 x 3 Watt Rating: CE Warranty: 3 Years

Pallet Dawg

Pallet Dawg –  Reduces pallet and product damage by redirecting a forklifts impact to center block of the pallet.
The Pallet Dawg Forklift Carriage Bumper features:
1. Low profile impact bumper reduces product damage by avoiding contact with the product that overhangs the front of the pallet
2. Installed and can be removed in minutes with a socket wrench
3. Compatible with any Class II forklift carriage
4. Includes spacer plate to ensure a tight fit to forklift carriage
5. High impact resistant nylon material
6. Weighs only 7 lbs

Forklift Brite Light

Forklift Brite Light – LED Headlights will almost never have to be serviced. The Brite-Lite is perfectly suited for rough forklift applications including high impacts and vibration. The LED light lifespan is rated for 50,000 hours compared to 5,000 hours for incandescent lights. The Brite-Lite uses (2) 10-Watt Cree LEDs at an operating voltage of 9-64V. Manufactured with a Potted Circuit Board to increase the life of the light and an aluminum housing with heat dissipation fin on the back. Includes bracket to install multiple units together for added brightness.

Dissipator Battery Cap

Dissipator Battery Cap – The Dissipater Battery cap makes battery maintenance easy with its revolutionary technology. It maximizes your forklift battery potential and reduces watering intervals by returning 80% of the evaporated water back into the battery. Its ergonomic design and durable housing that is resistant against battery acid makes the Dissipater an effective battery maintenance tool. Use the Dissipater cap on all industrial batteries such as a forklift battery, lift truck battery, Aerial Work Platform battery, and golf cart battery.

Handy-Mag Products

Handy-Mag Products – The Handy-Mag Tools help your warehouse operate as efficiently and safely as possible and helps eliminate distracted driver, falling objects from the vehicle, and lost supplies. The magnetic tape gun, clipboard, and utility box are always available when you need them, where you need them thanks to their attached powerful 100 lbs magnet. The Handy-Mag products are mountable on forklifts, pallet trucks, scissor lifts, workstations, warehouse racking, or any metal surface!

Magnetic Battery Cable Holder

Magnetic Battery Cable Holder – Hold forklift battery cables in place with 100 lbs magnet. Prevents cable and connector damage by keeping them where you want them. It quickly attaches to any battery cable and holds the cable securely to any metal surface.

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