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Tapeswitch Continues to Expand Product Line with Safety Switches

Tapeswitch announced today that they are expanding their product line once again with Mechan Controls, a leading British designer and manufacturer of machine guard safety systems. The Company specializes in the production of non-contact safety switches and, since the early 1970’s, has been producing some of the industries best known and reliable products. Mechan has more than 35 years specializing in the design and manufacturing of all types of non-contact safety switches, boasting the most complete range of non-contact safety switches, ranging from simple, low cost magnetic safety versions through fully electronic safety systems with the option of 500,000 unique codes for the switches.

All Mechan non-contact switches are fully sealed and encapsulated. This gives a rating of at least IP67. In effect, they can be run under water, washed regularly with high pressure sprays, run in dusty or dirty / oily environments with little or no effect on the performance.

Non-contact switches excel in the following areas:
Food processing industry, wet / wash down areas, where hygiene is critical and high pressure hose wash-down is required. Dusty, dirty environments, such as construction material production. Guard vibration / misalignment problems, such as, can making, trimming, decorating and filling.

Long term reliability:
As the switch and actuator are non-contact, there is no mechanical wear and tear each time the guard is opened or closed. The nominal 10 mm switching distance is, in practice, plenty of room to mount the switches with a small gap and to allow the switch to operate. It also allows for gate movement / vibration.

Ease of installation, alignment & use:
As the non-contact switches are more tolerant to misalignment, installation is therefore easier. Many of the Mechan electronic switches have individual indication for each switch, either at the switch or the control unit enabling easier fault diagnosis for both operators and engineers.

Non-Contact interlocks have two main functions. To stop the machine when a guard / door are opened, therefore reducing any hazard. It will also stop a machine from starting if a guard is open and the machine is not in its safest condition, i.e. prevent unexpected startup.

Non contact safety switches consist of 2 parts, a switch and actuator. The switch is normally placed on the frame of the machine and wired back to a control unit / relay. The actuator is mounted on the opening edge of a door / machine guard. When the door is closed the switch and actuator should be aligned and within the specified operating distances.

As the door is opened the switch and actuator move apart. When the gap between the switch and the actuator is more than the specified operating distance of the switch, the contacts or electronics within the switch (depending on type being used) will open the control circuit stopping the machine from operating.

Typical applications
Typical application for non-contact interlocks include: any interlocked guard where door locking is not required, food & beverage, processing, packaging and filling systems, pharmaceutical, packaging and processing, can making, forming, decorating and filling, semiconductor manufacture / assembly.

About Tapeswitch
Tapeswitch designs and manufactures innovative sensing, switching, and control products for use in machine guarding, personnel protection and other safety and control applications. Tapeswitch products include ribbon switches, sensing edges, and bumpers, safety mats, touch pads, controllers, and light curtains, trapped key interlocks, and non-contact safety switches. Extensive custom design services are available.

For more information visit or call 631/630-0442

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