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Standard Knapp Announces Easy Glass Bottle Handling with EZ Picker™

Ideal for craft breweries, small wineries and distilleries

Standard-Knapp, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of innovative packaging machinery, announces the EZ Picker™, an economical new bottle-handling tool. Designed with craft brewers, small wineries and distilleries in mind, the EZ Picker™ is engineered for quick and easy handling of glass bottles.

Able to accommodate both full and empty glass bottles, the EZ Picker™ is available in a variety of sizes, from the standard 12-bottle carrier with notched centers for 6-pack loading, to carriers for 7 oz. – 40 oz. beer bottles and 750 ml, 1 L, 1.5 L and 1.75 L wine and liquor bottles in numerous different arrangements. The EZ Picker™ weighs less than 4 pounds and features robust stainless steel construction and smooth gripping action for gentle product handling. This easy-to-operate device can be customized to easily pack 12-bottle rainbow packs and a variety of bottle sizes.

About Standard-Knapp
Standard-Knapp is the leading manufacturer of innovative packaging machinery for a variety of industries including beverage, food, household chemicals, personal care, and automotive. A pioneer in the field of automatic packaging equipment, Standard-Knapp provides robust, efficient packaging solutions such as tray packers, case packers, shrink wrappers, multipackers, uncasers, slitter/sealers and stand-alone sealers.

At Standard-Knapp, “Ultimate is Our Standard™.” For more information call 860-342-1100 or email

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