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Shuttlelift SB Series: Strategic Lifting Solutions That Provide Versatility, Efficiency, Safety & Long-Term Value

In today’s marketplace, plant managers must look at a wide variety of criteria when selecting a new machine for on-site material handling. If you’re looking to find that unique edge, take a closer look at Shuttlelift’s SB Series, a world-class lineup of single-beam, rubber-tired, mobile gantry cranes that offer improved material handling and operational efficiencies while reducing manpower and operator risk.

SB Series Vs. Captive Lifting Solutions
Many facilities use captive lifting solutions such as overhead rail and ground rail systems. While these systems certainly can do the job, there are significant drawbacks.
If your operation expands and you must add additional work bays or buildings, you cannot service the new areas with the same crane; it’s limited to the area covered by the overhead rails. You’ll need to purchase additional cranes for those work spaces. Plus, the indoor crane cannot move outdoors. Not only will you need additional lifting equipment for exterior work spaces, you’ll need to constantly double-handle your loads when moving them in and out of your buildings.

Now consider the Shuttlelift SB Series. The mobile gantry cranes’ compact size and smooth maneuverability allow you to maximize your use of space both inside and outside your facility. Instead of spending significant resources on your building’s foundation and structure to accommodate an overhead crane — and then investing in separate lifting solutions for your outdoor spaces — you can use a single-beam gantry crane both indoors and out. All you need to do is make sure the doors are large enough, with adequate headroom and width.

Also, if you are in a leased facility, adding an overhead bridge crane will be a lost investment, as you do not own the building, and the crane cannot be easily dismantled and move with you. If you do own the building, an overhead bridge crane increases the assessed value of the property, and your tax burden will go up. The crane also will increase the building’s electrical requirements.

Moving product from your buildings to a loading area is simple when you eliminate the need to stop, de-rig and re-rig your loads. Plus, you can fully utilize all of your available outdoor space for staging and loading.

If you already have a captive lifting system, the SB Series crane does not need to replace it. The mobile gantry crane easily can be used in conjunction with an existing overhead bridge crane to make tandem picks of long items.

SB Series Vs. Competitive Non-Captive Lifting Solutions
Many facilities use competitive non-captive lifting solutions such as carrydeck cranes, rough-terrain cranes, truck cranes, reach stackers, forklifts, transporters and crawler cranes. The biggest issues with these solutions, compared to the Shuttlelift SB Series, are capacity and stability.

Regarding the stability issue, look no farther than fundamental physics. When you use a single-beam gantry crane to lift a load, you’re putting that weight directly under the frame of the crane. This mechanical advantage eliminates the potential stability issues you might experience while using a rough-terrain crane, crawler crane, reach stacker or forklift, and it allows you to lift significantly more than you could with another type of machine.

Plus, with an articulated pivot trunnion, the SB crane’s frame will flex with uneven terrain; you won’t need to worry about structural damage or the safety of the load. And planetary drives mean the crane will move very smoothly when accelerating or decelerating, which gives the operator very precise control of the load.

Available single-beam gantry cranes can manage loads from 30 to 100 U.S. tons and greater, perfect for single-point picks that include such loads as nacelle hubs, jail cells and septic tanks. To do the same with an conventional gantry, for example, you would need a spreader beam to bring the unit to a single pick point. The single-beam gantry, on the other hand, is ideally suited for this sort of task; the load pivots around one point.

Cost Benefits: Now and Into the Future
The SB Series mobile gantry cranes offer unparalleled long-term value. When compared to a captive overhead rail system, the initial price comparison might seem comparable. Yet consider this: With the captive overhead crane, you’ll also need to purchase the rails and additional required building structure; you’ll also need to pay for foundation work, extra electrical service, all necessary set-up costs and increased taxes. And if you have additional work bays or buildings, multiply all that by the number of captive overhead systems you’ll need to install to service those areas. One SB Series mobile gantry crane can service your building(s) and can service your outdoor space as well.

Then there is the maintenance factor. Maintaining a single-beam, rubber-tired gantry crane is no more complicated than maintaining your car — simply keep the wire ropes lubricated and maintain your fluids and filters per the recommended service schedule. That also means cost savings, since machines that require more maintenance also will have a potential more expensive downtime.

Inarguably, plant managers everywhere are looking for cost-effective ways to get both single and tandem picking capabilities. Shuttlelift’s SB Series single-beam, rubber-tired, mobile gantry cranes provide comprehensive value-added lifting solutions — and the versatility, efficiency, reliability and extra measure of safety that will allow you to improve your operations and grow your business.

To see the SB Series on display, visit Shuttlelift at the upcoming CONEXPO-CON/AGG show in Las Vegas, March 4 – 8 in booth #1395 in the Gold Lot.

For more information about Shuttlelift and its full range of rubber-tired gantry cranes, e-mail the sales team at or visit

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