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Shuttlelift Launches Revolutionary SB Series — Lifting Solutions With Broad Range of Cost-Saving Benefits

Shuttlelift has announced the launch of a revolutionary new series of cranes designed to provide state-of-the-art material handling solutions and a broad range of cost-saving benefits. Inspired by Shuttlelift customers, the new SB Series rubber-tired gantry crane provides users with a highly economic solution in a competitive marketplace.
According to Kurt Minten, director of industrial sales, Shuttlelift designed the new SB Series to specifically address the many challenges facing plant managers in today’s tough economy.

“These days, plant managers need to look at a broad range of criteria when selecting a machine for on-site material handling,” he said. “Versatility, efficiency, safety, long-term value — all of these directly impact a business’s bottom line, which means that you’re going to want to pursue comprehensive lifting solutions that address your specific needs.”

The SB Series’ material-handling advantage is due to fundamental physics.
“When you use a single-beam gantry crane to lift a load, you’re putting the load directly under the frame of the crane,” Minten explained. “This eliminates the potential stability issues you might experience while using a rough-terrain crane, crawler crane, reach stacker or forklift.”

Plus, with an articulated pivot trunnion, the SB Series crane’s frame will flex with uneven terrain, eliminating additional strain on the structure of the machine. And planetary drives mean the crane will move very smoothly when accelerating or decelerating, giving the operator very precise control of the load.

SB Series cranes can manage loads from 30 to 100 U.S. tons, perfect for single-point picks such as nacelle hubs, jail cells and septic tanks.

“To do the same with an ISL gantry, for example, you would need a spreader frame to bring the unit to a single pick point,” Minten said. “The single-beam gantry, on the other hand, is ideally suited for this sort of task.”

These principles apply to tandem as well as single-point pick applications. With manufactured components being built to longer lengths, it has become increasingly common to transport these items by tandem lifting.

“If you’re using the single-beam gantry crane in a tandem pick, as with wind-tower components or bridge beams, you’ll receive the same benefits,” Minten said. “Plus, Shuttlelift’s SB Series cranes can be used in conjunction with a conventional rubber-tired crane that may already be on site, regardless of brand.”

With the load hanging directly beneath the crane structure, machine stability is not the issue that it can be with boom cranes and forklifts.

“There are no load charts to misinterpret,” Minten said. “If the single-beam gantry is rated at 50 U.S. tons, that is what it can lift.”

That’s significant, since stability accidents can be serious for the operator, and it can be costly to repair equipment and replace a damaged load.

In fact, with an SB Series crane’s wireless remote control as standard, the operator can stay at a distance from the load and control the machine while visually inspecting its outside parameters. Bottom beam-mounted winches provide visibility and safety for the operators as well. By mounting the winches low, an operator can easily inspect wire revving and perform any necessary maintenance without having to climb high ladders or rent a manbasket.

The SB Series crane’s compact size and smooth maneuverability allow for a unique application: using the single-beam gantry crane as an alternative to a permanent overhead bridge crane, which will maximize the use of space both inside and outside.

“Instead of spending significant resources on your building’s foundation and structure to accommodate an overhead crane — and then investing in separate lifting solutions for your outdoor spaces — you can use a single-beam gantry crane both indoors and out,” Minten explained. “All you need to do is make sure the doors are large enough, with adequate headroom and width.

“As a side benefit, the SB solution reduces the assessed value of your facility, which saves tax money,” he added. “And, if you decide to relocate, you can simply disassemble the crane and move it to your new location.”

Then there is the maintenance factor.

“Maintaining a single-beam, rubber-tired gantry crane is as easy as maintaining a vehicle — simply keep the wire ropes lubricated and regularly change the oil and filters,” Minten said.

That also means cost savings, since machines that require more maintenance also will require more expensive downtime.

In today’s marketplace, everyone is looking for a cost-effective way to get both single and tandem picking capabilities. But as Minten pointed out, the most successful companies will employ lifting solutions, not just capabilities.

“Our SB Series cranes provide versatility, efficiency, reliability and an extra measure of safety,” he said. “That’s a formula that will allow you to improve your operations and grow your business.”

For more information about Shuttlelift and its full range of rubber-tired gantry cranes, e-mail the sales team at or visit

Shuttlelift rubber-tire gantry cranes are the preferred customer-inspired solution for heavy lifting requirements and are manufactured to specification for a multitude of applications, worldwide. The Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin-based company manufactures cranes with capacities ranging from 15 to 1,000 U.S. tons, all of which are supported by a global network of experienced dealers. Through superior engineering innovations and customer-driven improvements, Shuttlelift has become one of the premier lines in the today’s materials-handling industry.

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