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Premium Seats: The Best in Their Class

Grammer Inc. features an innovative new concept, the international market and technology leader, for forklift trucks, compact construction machines and professional gardening and landscaping equipment that sets new standards of comfort and safety. The MSG75G/521 is the very first compact seat of this kind to be equipped with a low-profile suspension. As an alternative, the MSG65/521 is available with mechanical suspension and quick weight adjustment. This model reaches the lowest seat index point (SIP), at 200 millimeters (7.9 inches), of any seat with full suspension. The MSG75G/521, with a SIP of 238 mm (9.4 inches) and a suspension stroke of 110 mm (4.3 inches), sets a new standard for seats with low-profile air suspension. Both seats feature a high-quality backrest angle adjustment function, a foldable backrest and an integrated safety belt.

Optimally Supported — Also When Driving Backward
The wide, ergonomic cushions and height- and angle-adjustable armrests of the MSG75G/521 and MSG65/521 optimally support the body. The same goes for the backrest, which can be set to any angle from –5° to +30°. The seats also provide effective support when driving backward: the asymmetrical backrest is tapered on the right to make it easier for the driver to twist around in the seat. The MSG75G/521 and MSG65/521 are also the world’s first low-profile compact seats to be equipped with a lumbar support — easy to set to maximize the user’s personal well-being. The backrest can also be raised in 13 steps to a maximum of 170 millimeters (6.7 inches) to suit each operator’s height and different work situations. This ensures relaxed, healthy sitting for hours on end.

Design for Use: Easy to Achieve the Ergonomically Best Sitting Position
Only a seat that is optimally set to the user’s body can deliver a high level of comfort. From field studies of forklift truck and construction machine operators, Grammer discovered that virtually nobody bothers to read their seat’s manual. They therefore remain unaware of how many seat functions work, which prevents them from using them correctly. This realization prompted Grammer to take an innovative approach. “Design for Use” is the name that Grammer has given to its philosophy, with which the company has once again impressively demonstrated its industry leadership. The goal: for every operator to quickly and simply assume the ergonomically optimum sitting position. Consequently, the controls of the MSG75G/521 and MSG65/521 are shaped and arranged so that the user intuitively grasps how they work and what they do. It is now also quick and easy to set the seat to any operator weight between 45 and 170 kg (100-375 pounds). Both seats satisfy the stipulations of the international vibration classes IT1, IT2 and IT3 for forklift trucks and EM6, EM8 and EM9 (ISO 7096) for construction machines. The MSG65/521 has a suspension stroke of 60 or 80 millimeters (2.4 or 3.1 inches), and the MSG75G/521 with air suspension offers values of 80 or 110 millimeters (3.1 or 4.3 inches). Both versions set new standards of vibration comfort.

Safety and Comfort Combined
Safety is another essential ingredient for well-being. In the MSG75G/521 and MSG65/521, this includes an integrated safety belt. It not only looks good, but takes up less space in the vehicle. These two new compact seats from Grammer comply with the FEM 4.002 specifications for forklift trucks and even with ISO 6683 for earthmoving machinery. To additionally protect the driver, an integrated operator presence switch activates the vehicle’s functions when he sits down and disables them when he gets up again. Both seats also feature a dust- and splash-proof document box on the back. And optional seat heating and ergonomically shaped armrests add the finishing touches.

For more information contact Grammer Inc. at Phone: 715-377-4566, Fax: 715-377-0200, E-mail: or visit

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