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Model QL-360 Pin Style Forks

This one boom the QL-360 has adaptable bushings to fit on forklifts from 18,000 lbs. to 36,000 lbs. and anything in between by changing the optional bushings on the back of the adapter plate.

QL-360 system includes: One Boom, one stand, one pin style adapter plate with bushings to fit 18,000 lb. forklift, one 15 ton Crosby hook with bearing and one 21 ton Crosby shackle.

Note: 36,000 lb. forklifts require a special hook. Call for details.
Horizontal reach dimensions are 63 inches to 81 inches. Boom adjusts out to 109 inches with Optional Combination Maximum Head Clearance/ Horizontal Stinger Extension.

Vertical dimensions 94 inches to 142 inches. Boom in stand dimensions vertically 8 ft. 9 inches tall.

Optional bushings are available for 20,000 lb. forklifts to 36,000 lb. forklifts.

Optional Combination Maximum Head Clearance/ Horizontal Stinger Extension are 24 inches with adjustments at 6 inch increments.

For more information contact Rig Ready at 866/829-0344 or visit

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