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Ironclad® Workhog® and Deserthog® Batteries Now with 90 Amp-Hour Capacity to Provide Premium Power for Next-Generation Lift Trucks

EnerSys® (NYSE: ENS), the global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications, has increased the amp-hour (AH) rating of its 23" Ironclad® Workhog® and Deserthog® batteries from 85-AH to 90-AH. This increase provides greater sustained voltages and more power for today’s advanced AC lift trucks. The Workhog® and Deserthog® batteries are the only 90-AH batteries in the 23" size with standard, rather than high gravity electrolyte for maximum battery life.

In order to maintain the lift truck’s constant drive and lift performance thoroughout a shift, an AC motor must offset a battery’s normal voltage drop during discharge by drawing more and more amps. Workhog® and Deserthog® batteries, featuring the highest AH rating in the industry, sustain higher voltages throughout the discharge cycle and deliver the power, performance and extended runtime required for lift trucks with AC drive technology.

The increased work capacity and performance of Workhog® and Deserthog® batteries is the result of the unique square tubular positive plate design. Ironclad® square tubes provide up to 84% more surface area on the positive plate, exposing more positive plate acitve material to the electrolyte. This combination of greater positive surface area and electrolyte provides higher sustained voltages throughout the discharge cycle. For over 100 years, Ironclad® batteries, with their exclusive square tube design, have outperformed round tubular and flat plate design batteries.

“Ironclad® batteries are well established and have proven to be the industry leader,” said Steve Spaar, director of marketing for EnerSys. “The higher sustained voltage and rugged reliability provide higher productivity, whatever the motive power application. Today’s next-generation AC lift trucks stem from the demand to move products at a faster rate. The increased amp-hour rate of Workhog® and Deserthog® batteries deliver greater sustained voltages to deliver power, performance and extended runtime to meet rising industry demands,” concluded Spaar.

Workhog® batteries, rated at 75-, 90- and 125-AH, are the most powerful standard gravity batteries available and provide up to 20% more running time than conventional round tube or flat plate batteries. With higher sustained voltage and lower amp draw, the batteries reduce heat and strain on the lift truck’s electrical components, resulting in reduced costs for maintenance and replacment.

Deserthog® batteries are rated at 90-, 100- and 125-AH, and due to the high capacity tubular plate construction, Deserthog batteries do not need to utilize unreliable low-antimony plates to achieve longer watering intervals. The higher jar design and less required sediment space allows for up to 132% more water, resulting in watering intervals of only 4-6 times per year, as opposed to every week.

More information about EnerSys® and its Ironclad® batteries can be found at

EnerSys, the world leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications, manufactures and distributes reserve power and motive power batteries, chargers, power equipment, and battery accessories to customers worldwide. Motive power batteries are utilized in electric fork trucks and other commercial electric powered vehicles. Reserve power batteries are used in the telecommunications and utility industries, uninterruptible power suppliers, and numerous applications requiring standby power. The Company also provides aftermarket and customer support services to its customers from more than 100 countries through its sales and manufacturing locations around the world. More information regarding EnerSys can be found at

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