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Brady introduces three new lockout products

Brady announced three innovative new lockout tagout products: Perma-mount™ Ball Valve, SAFELEX™ Universal Cable Lockout with Integrated Hasp and SAFETY REDBOX™. These new lockout devices are designed to meet unique industry needs that allow safety professionals to better protect employees from energy releases during equipment maintenance.

“Lockout tagout has once again been named to OSHA’s Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards,” says Courtney Bohman, product marketing specialist at Brady. “Having the products needed to effectively lockout equipment is more important than ever. Brady’s latest lockout devices address specific customer concerns in innovative and unique ways to help solve the challenges that facilities face every day.”

The three new products include:
• Perma-mount™ Ball Valve – Addressing the inability to find the correct lockout device, this ball valve lockout permanently adheres to the pipe to ensure that the device is always at the point of need.
• Safelex™ Universal Cable Lockout with Integrated Hasp – Available in a variety of sizes, these cables allow for the versatility to lock out multiple electrical or valve energy isolation points.
• SAFETY REDBOX™ - This portable and wall-mountable device allows for easy transportation and placement anywhere in your facility.
Brady’s new lockout products combine ease of use, identification and portability to help authorized employees locate and apply the correct device to properly lockout equipment. When devices are visible to employees, the likelihood that lockout procedures are followed is greatly increased.

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