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Battery De-Mister® with Thermoil® Technology

Battery De-Mister® with Thermoil® technology is a patented battery oil made of a combination of severely hydro-treated naphthenic base oils and hydrogenated polyalphaolefin synthetic oil coupled with an effective ash-less non-acidic rust inhibitor. Incorporated in the oil are an amine type anti-oxidant and an olefin co-polymer type viscosity modifier. This unique base oil mix serves to eliminate polar sites, thus the oil has no inclination to attach itself to the plates of the battery thereby preventing the battery from premature failure during deep discharge cycles.

During charging, the chemical process taking place breaks down water into hydrogen, an explosive gas, and oxygen, which corrodes battery posts, cable ends, and any surrounding metallic parts. Continual overcharging increases the internal temperature of the battery, accelerating the destruction of the battery plates and leading to premature failure. The balanced Battery De-Mister® mixture in the battery increases the re-combination of the hydrogen and oxygen gases over a conventional battery and greatly extends the intervals between water additions.

When an oil battery is overcharged, the hydrogen and oxygen gases migrating to the electrolyte surface are slowed by the oil, greatly reducing the acid mist and fumes generated in the charging process. The oil condenses the hydrogen and oxygen gases, returns the water molecules back into the cell and virtually eliminates the sulfuric acid mist forced out the vent during the charging process.

With virtually no mist and much less gassing, the battery top remains free of acid deposits, thus the chemistry of the electrolyte remains the same while greatly reducing water consumption, toxic fumes, explosion and thus eliminating post and cable corrosion while reducing current leakage across the battery cover. Frequent cleaning of the battery, cables and battery tray are no longer necessary to keep the damaging effect of the sulfuric acid from ruining the surrounding equipment.

98% of all lead acid batteries die prematurely. With Battery De-Mister® added to the battery, you can now expect to get the full life out of your battery, which in many cases is two to three times longer than the same battery without the Battery De-Mister®. Battery De-Mister® is also resistant to very cold and hot weather. Oil freezing point -50ºF - Oil boiling point 400ºF.

Used by major industrial and commercial fleets for over 15 years. Historically, Battery De-Mister® was only available in 5 gallon containers and 55 gallon drums. Battery De-Mister® is now available in a 12 oz. bottle. Easy to use, saves time and money (longer battery life, reduced maintenance) and comes with a 100% GUARANTEE! 

For more information contact Battery De-Mister LLC. at 920/749-9712 or visit

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