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Automatic Load Weight Verification with Overload Audio/Visual Warning in % of the Vehicle Lifting Capacity

The ED2-SLL-OAS Series SkidWeigh system is a fully automatic microprocessor electronic device that measures the load weight in % of vehicle lifting capacity on any type of the lift truck or loader. The system can be installed on any vehicle, regardless of the vehicle, make, model or operating voltage having a maximum lifting capacity of up to 50,000 kg or lbs.

Load Weight Verification
Every time a skid load is picked up, the increase in hydraulic pressure on the vehicle will automatically activate the “Weighing cycle” and convert it to a load weight measurement that is visually presented to the operator via a five digit LED display.

Review for Management ...
The loads moved by a typical material handling vehicle come in a variety of different shapes, physical sizes and weights.

The majority of the forklift operators will experience some difficulties with problems relating to the theoretical forklift lifting capacity as indicated on the manufacturer’s ID plate and unknown load weights that are moved within the material handling facilities.

When the load weight is not clearly marked or not marked at all and loads are moved and lifted to the different lifting heights, there is a danger of the vehicle stability.

The vehicle travel speeds, vehicle braking, mast position, floor condition and turning radius that can not be easily judged will have a substantial effect on the load center of gravity that has moved outside of the “Stability Triangle” without vehicle operator’s knowledge.

It is well known that this can result in the possibility of the vehicle tipping which may cause damage to the goods, the equipment as well injuries to the forklift operator.

Overloading Racks, Shelving ...
It is important to know the weight of the product you are handling and lifting to avoid overloading of the vehicle, racks or shelving. Generally this isn’t a problem when you are constantly working with the same kind of products. However in real world operational environment you could encounter problems when you have to lift “Unknown items”, specially a “general” freight.

The ED2-SLL-OAS Series SkidWeigh System can be easily installed and calibrated by a local lift truck dealer technician or the end user’s lift truck mechanic.

The installed system is calibrated with known skid load weights on the forks.

Two button automatic calibration procedures are done by lifting the empty and loaded forks.

Technical Data


  • Voltage 12 to 55 V DC
  • Current: Operating 100 to 300 mA


  • Operating temperature –40oC to +70oC
  • Water, dust and corrosion resistant, 4X protection


  • 120 x 80 x 55 mm, polycarbonate enclosure


  • Micro Controller

Pressure Transducer

  • Port connection, G1/4 with 1/4”-18 NPT adapter
  • Proof pressure, 2.5 x range or 6,000 PSI
  • Built-in pressure snubber
  • Environmental: NEMA 4X
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Over voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Housing material, Stainless steel, (AISI 303)
  • Weight 95 grams
  • Installation, unrestricted

System Check Weighing Accuracy

  • +/- .5% to 1% of lift truck lifting capacity

Mounting Bracket

  • Adjustable mounting bracket included

LED Display Indicator

  • Readout type, large six LED digits
  • Readout range 50,000 kg or pounds
  • Bright red display intensity
  • Operating humidity range, 0-95% R.H.

External Warning Dry Relay Contacts

  • Two Relay contacts SPST, 5A for connection to external AUDIO/VISUAL warning when vehicle overloaded at pre-set value as per customer specifications.

For more information call 905/469-0985, fax 905/825-9494, email or visit

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