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You Have Options!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Options, options, actually you have the option not to read this, but you won’t learn about options. Am I making any sense, probably not?

Well, sweeper/scrubber options is what I am going to discuss in this article, because I think it is a very important topic. Many hours can be spared with the options that will be discussed.

This topic concerns many buyers after the fact of purchasing a sweeper or sweeper/scrubber. Many buyers are not sure or not properly informed about options that may be available on equipment they are purchasing for one reason, or another.

There are those options that are so obvious, such as an overhead guard. Of course this option is not as obvious as you may think. To the company that sweeps only outside parking lots and areas such as this, an overhead guard is not needed or required. So, the point here is that every situation is unique in its own right and we are going to talk about these unique situations.

One unique situation involves a rider scrubber that scrubs dirty, oily surfaces on a daily basis. The standard squeegee issued with the scrubber is going to be gum rubber. This media will not hold for any length of time, perhaps, any longer than a week at best. In this situation you would want to use the optional urethane squeegee blades. This material holds up to any oily substance or solvents. The cost of these specialty blades is pricey, however, they work! When you squeegee properly, that saves time, therefore, saves money. Breakdown and buy them. You will be glad you did.

Another unique situation could involve either sweeper or scrubbers. This option is used where one has open areas and tight areas. Both areas need to be equally clean so I would advise purchasing a vacuum wand option. The operator can be traveling forward, stop, and vacuum an area the cleaning machine cannot either reach or get into because it is a small area. One can simply vacuum and then move-on. This also saves another person from doing that cleaning and that also saves money.

Another option, I like is the “clogged hopper filter option.” This option is self-explanatory and just really a good idea. Some manufacturers warned the operator that the filter is clogged and others shut down the equipment until the filter is cleaned. The latter is more dramatic but both works. The operator and/or maintenance man has to understand that a clean filter is vital to the proper sweeping operation. So if, or when you get into the market of buying a new sweeper, I would recommend this option.

In relation to the “clogged hopper filter option” there is another option called “Hopper Thermo-Sensor shutdown” option. What this does is to shutdown the hopper when the Thermo-Sensor detects heat. Heat ultimately means a fire. A situation as this could be a result of sweeping into the hopper a live cigarette. If you are operating outdoor sweepers, this may be a viable option. In-door sweepers would not require this option as much since smoking is not allowed in many buildings. Which leads me to a fire extinguisher is always a must on any sweeper or scrubber anywhere.

On sweepers many years ago a high dump hopper was an option. The low-dump was the norm for many sweepers, which does not make a lot of sense to people. The operator of a low-dump would sweep the company and when they were finished would go outside and pump the debris into their yard. A high dump sweeper is one that raising its hopper to the height of a Dumpster emptying the load into that.

The most important option of all, in my opinion, is the brushes. All the manufacturers provide standard poly brushes when you buy a sweeper or scrubber. In this area, there are many types of brushes virtually for any situation or environment. I invite
you to e-mail me at about your particular problem. Be it in regards to brushes or simply a problem where an option may make your life easier. Thanks, as always, for reading.

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