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XtraPower Batteries Moves Up the Ladder

Sunday, April 1, 2007

By: Amanda Martin
XtraPower Batteries is moving its way up to becoming the largest reconditioning battery company in North America. On March 1, the Montreal company moved from its 3,000 square foot warehouse to a 20,000 square foot warehouse.

"The new warehouse is going to allow us to store 1,000 batteries at a time, making us incontestably the largest recon battery supplier in North America," said Marc Andre Huras of XtraPower Batteries. This new space will allow XtraPower to create better lead times, which will in turn provide for faster delivery, and will also provide for a much larger stock of
batteries. XtraPower Batteries, an industrial battery shop that supplies reconditioned batteries to end-users and forklift dealers, acquires used and spent batteries from all over North America, and each one is charged and tested at least once before determining if it is salvageable. Approximately 35 percent of batteries are able to be returned to the market with a 83 percent rate of capacity. The rest are sent to smelters for lead recycling.

A reconditioned battery by XtraPower standard is load tested to a minimum of 85 percent capacity, and comes with an unconditional one year warranty. Salvageable batteries go through an 18 stage reconditioning process. Huras explains that none of the
batteries at XtraPower are ever opened up as some reconditioning companies practice. Opening a cell jar can cause damage to the plates and pose a potential hazard, he said. XtraPower remarks that the best way to remove sulfation is by charging a battery long enough without overheating it. The company's technology can safely charge a battery for up to 120 hours.

A reconditioned battery has five hours of life, as opposed to the normal six hours, according to Huras. XtraPower's batteries serve the needs of approximately 80 percent of the market, as most businesses operate one or two trucks for less than five hours a day. The cost of a reconditioned battery is approximately 35-40 percent of a new one, and a user can expect to get three to four years out of it if it is maintained properly.

XtraPower’s Dealer Exchange Program can save dealerships even more money. The dealership can send all of their used batteries to XtraPower, which can be credited toward the purchase of reconditioned batteries, allowing them to save up to 25 percent on what is already dealership pricing.

Reconditioning batteries is environmentally friendly. "In 2006, XtraPower saved three million pounds of lead from going to the smelters," said Huras. "This year our objective is to bump that up to five or six million."

XtraPower Batteries was started in 2002 by Frederik Gustavsson, the current owner. At first Gustavsson ran a one-man show, a small business selling a few batteries a month. The company has been growing ever since. It landed a standing order from the largest forklift dealership in the country, and dealerships from all across eastern Canada and the United States call regularly to place orders.






The 12-person staff, which is expected to grow with the move, continues to find new ways to get the best bang for their buck, and have recently committed an investment into research and development. The group is hoping to develop "smart" chargers, based on the Regen principle. The smart chargers would utilize less power and would be capable of performing both electrolysis and constant charging.

XtraPower Batteries will pick up batteries from anywhere in North America. Call 877/422-9797 to speak to an employee at XtraPower.

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