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The Tennant 8410 Keep the Clear Tank Clean!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

By comparison the Tennant 8410 is a very large rider sweeper/scrubber. It is right up there with the Clarke-American 7765 and the PowerBoss Model TSS85-90. These machines are full sweeper/scrubbers. So, the operator could use just the scrubber and scrub the floors or just the sweeper part of the machine and sweep.

To familiarize you with the Tennant 8410, as stated above it is a sweeper/scrubber combination. The hopper capacity which holds all the heavy debris, is up to 1,200 pounds, more than ½ ton. The solution tank (also known as the clean-water tank) has a capacity of 60 gallons. Some of you know what a 55-gallon drum is and can imagine this machine holding 5 gallons more in total capacity.

This leads me to my topic in this article. The word today is maintenance. By the very nature the machine is dying to break down and give you trouble. You have to be vigilant in the routine maintenance. That means daily checking of:

  1. Squeegee, rear and side blades
  2. Brushes which includes the main brush, the side brush and the scrubbing brushes.
  3. Checking and/or cleaning the hopper filter.
  4. Checking the hopper flaps and machine flaps and rubbers for tears, etc.
  5. The recovery tanks hold the dirty water and solution, it should be drained and cleaned daily.
  6. The solution tank, which holds clean water/solution, does not need cleaned as often but still requires a good rinsing regularly.

The last item (#6), you would not think it would create a problem but it does. I have received an e-mail not long ago pertaining to this very situation. This was the scenario: the operator would start scrubbing down the isle. Solution would come out only up to about 50 feet. At that point it would slow to a dribble or stop completely. Why does this keep stopping up?

As I e-mailed him back I described what I thought the trouble was. I said that he must empty the clean water tank. Then, thoroughly wash down the sides of the tank with a pressure washer. Of course, at the same time, have the drain hose open so it constantly drains. Get all that build-up off the sides of the tank. What is happening is that this detergent build-up is starting to flake off and this is clogging. I didn’t think he would have any other problems.

A couple of weeks later I received an e-mail stating that this did the trick.

If you have a question or comments you can e-mail me at

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