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The Sweeper Tune-Up!

Monday, June 1, 2009

When using a riding sweeper indoors or outdoors you want your sweeper to be in top shape. Whether we are discussing an American Lincoln 3366XP, Advance 4600, PowerBoss SW9XV or a Tennant 6400, the general over-all service instructions are surprisingly similar. We are going to go over each item in detail to help insure your sweeper will be in fit condition. Remember that this is strictly a sweeper and I will not be discussing anything about a scrubber. However, if you own or maintain a sweeper/scrubber, this article will relate to the sweeper part of your machine.

#1. The Main Broom
The main broom needs replaced when the bristles are less than ¾” long. Always check the main broom pattern after changing the broom or when the machine is sweeping poorly. While the machine is in the “idle” position, lower the main broom to the sweep position for a period of about 15 seconds. Raise the main broom and move the sweeper backward until you can see on the floor the sweep pattern left by this action. The pattern should be the length of the main broom, and have an approximately 1 to 1½” width. Some manufacturers call for as much as 2” wide, but I like no more than 1½” pattern. Checking the main broom for wear or damage should be done every 8 hours of sweeping.

If your sweeper’s main broom needs to be replaced, e-mail me and I can give you the seven step instructions for replacement.

#2. The Side Broom
The side broom needs to be replaced when the bristles get to be 2” or less. The side broom sweeping angle is adjustable on some sweepers and not on others. Please refer to the owner’s manual or e-mail me and I will advise whether yours is adjustable. The side broom should make contact on the floor (as you are sitting on the sweeper) at 10 O’clock through 3 O’clock. This broom also should be visually checked every 8 hours of service.

#3. The Hopper
The Hopper is made up of the debris chamber and the dust hopper filter compartment. The shaker motor is also in the filter compartment. Always empty the hopper every time it is used. Check the hopper filters every 8 hours. Clean with an air hose or water if you have an optional washable filter. Check the hopper skirts every 8 hours as well. Skirts with tears and cuts allow airflow into the chamber which will hinder the vacuum.

#4. Checking/Inspecting All Dust Flaps
Checking the hopper flaps is the first part of this process. When finished also check and/or inspect the main broom chamber flaps. Again, you are checking for tears and cuts that will allow air into the chamber. Always replace those bad flaps or do as many technicians and simply replace all at the same time. When replacing those flaps allow about 1/16 “space/gap” from the floor.

#5. Replace all fluid system filters.
This will include the hydraulic oil filter and engine oil filter. The engine air cleaner should also be replaced.

#6. Engine Tune-Up
The engine tune-up always includes spark plugs, wires (on a distributor-less engine). With a distributor you will also need to replace the distributor cap, rotor and condenser.

#7. Radiator
Flush the radiator coolant system every 250 hours. Check the Tension on the belts and radiator hoses every 8 hours for wear and deterioration, replace as needed.

#8. Miscellaneous
There are still several items I have failed to mention but should be checked. They are the brakes, hydraulic hoses, tires and hydraulic motors. A visual check in many cases should be sufficient.

So, if you have a sweeper just not sweeping, well, tune it up. And if you need help or advise to get her done, I am always available at Creamer’s Corner. My e-mail is or you can call at 800/346-2319.

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