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The Code Talkers

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The other day I received an e-mail from a customer that had not called in quite some time. He just purchased his first “used” scrubber after routinely purchasing new.

He stated that he had attended an auction and there was available an Advance 3800 Scrubber. I have known this gentleman for years and he is very familiar with the various sweeper and scrubbers. He was not concerned that it was used. He also stated that it had very low hours (315 to be exact) and the charger system came with the scrubber. It seemed to be very complete.

We determined that it was a Model 3800 with Pre-Sweep. It was built in 2004. As he described, it was in very good condition. What was accomplished was to purchase a low hour machine and a machine new enough that all the replacement parts are still available.

He told me that he didn’t have any parts or service manuals and needed them. That was definitely no problem. He said he would like two things:

  1. A listing of controller error codes and
  2. A Maintenance Schedule

There is a list of error codes that are numbers that when they appear they describe a possible problem. For the Model 3800, there are roughly 46 error codes. Here are a few examples:

Error Code #3
Description: Drive System
Possible Cause: Tripped Wheel Drive Fault
Action: Reset Circuit

Error Code #18
Description: Squeegee Lift
Possible Cause: Squeegee Obstruction Actuator Overload
Action: Remove Obstruction

Error Code #26
Description: Vacuum Motor circuit open
Possible Cause: Bad Electrical connection
Action: Check All connections

Error Code #40
Description: Direction input fault
Possible Cause: Speed Control output problem
Action: Consult Service Manual

Without these codes, it is not possible to correct the problem. It may seem complicated, however, if you are use to dealing with the error codes it is pretty much straight forward.

My customer’s second request was a maintenance schedule. I like to use the maintenance chart that lists your maintenance item by day, week, month and year. Along with this is the hourly, as well.

Typical things by the day would be:

  1. Change batteries
  2. Clean/Check Tanks “dirty water”
  3. Clean/Check Tanks “clean water”
  4. Check Vac Hose
  5. Check Brushes
  6. Check Squeegees
  7. Check Hopper Filter

In closing, I would say that any time you find this type of machine at an auction costing around $5,000.00 do it. The Advance 3800 is very dependable and it would be a great addition to your fleet. This scrubber is small but has big capacity. It can scrub upwards of 50,000 square feet per hour. The solution tank is a nice size, 53 gallons. With dimensions of 73” long and 43” wide it has great maneuverability. The 3800 became the forerunner of models today like the 3820, 3520, 3220 & the 2820. These models owe their basic design to the 3800.

I would like to take a line to say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Best Wishes. Have a happy and safe Holiday Season. Thanks for reading. As always you can e-mail
me at or call at 800/346-2319.

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