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The Clarke American SC 7740 Sweeper/Scrubber

Friday, November 1, 2013

The American Lincoln SC7740 is one of those machines that are just perfect for building up to approximately 200,000 square feet. It sweeps and/or scrubs independently of one another, which is a feature I would always recommend.

So, when I received this e-mail saying they had purchased a used machine. I was very excited for them. As I responded to this e-mail, I stated “If you would ever want a good candidate to purchase used, this is on my list....

There are all kinds of summations I can make, but in a nut shell, here they are...

  1. It is a sweeper/scrubber.
  2. It is equipped with not one, but two models of Kubota engines. One is a three cylinder with plenty of power. The other a four cylinder with even more. Either one is perfect for the machine.
  3. The small size makes this machine very maneuverable in any factory setting. Don’t be fooled by this either; just 47” (about 4’) wide by 89” (about 7-1/2”) long makes this machine a real work horse by size.

Later in this e-mail, he stated that no manuals were provided with the machine and he needed help with parts look-up. So, I told him to e-mail pictures of the machine and also include the engine compartment. I wanted to know what engine it had. I also requested pictures of the main broom area. You can do this by opening the broom doors on both sides of this machine

After reviewing the pictures and his general input on how the engine ran, I responded as follows: “With 800 hours on it as you indicated and no maintenance records, I always assume the worse and would recommend the following action be taken...

  1. Replace the main broom and side broom. Being a large warehouse you can replace them with Polyurethane. The three scrub brushes can also use poly. See how you like them for the first time and we can look at the next time they need to be ordered.
  2. Replace all the skirts. This would include the main broom chamber and all the hopper skirts.
  3. Replace all the side (both left and right) squeegees. Just the standard gum rubber should suffice.
  4. Replace the rear squeegees, both inner and outer. I like Urethane over gum, however, the price is about three times more. Urethane wears like iron and holds up to any chemical. However, if you want first to get it in working order, use gum rubber, for now.
  5. Replace the hopper filter. I would replace it with first the standard paper filter.

Next I would tell you to follow the general maintenance in the manual that I would provide. Listed below are the important ones...

  1. Empty the dirty water tank and spray out the tank with a pressure washer if you have one, if not use a garden hose. Make sure you open the clean-out door to allow the liquid and debris to leave the tank.
  2. Change the motor oil whether it looks good or not. Remember you do not know when it was last changed. After this the oil should be changed every 200 hours.
  3. Change the spark plugs, engine air filter and fuel filter. Gas or LPG will have this fuel filter. If it has water cooled engine you will need to change the anti-freeze as well.
  4. Clean the hydraulic reservoir and replace the fluid. From this point every 400 hours should be the normal routine. You should be able to just clean the intake strainer, however, you will want to replace the hydraulic filters.
  5. Lastly, with a grease gun, make sure to grease all the zirk fittings. They will be listed in your manual.

For those buying used sweeper/scrubbers, let me know if I can help you.

As always, thanks for reading. You can e-mail me a

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