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Sweepers, Scrubbers, The Basics of Machinery

Saturday, January 1, 2011

After 35 years of being in the sweeper scrubber arena, I forget that people have entered this business recently. One way or another they have, perhaps

#1 Ordered parts for the machinery

#2 In sales and have solicited business with this equipment, or

#3 Is responsible for cleaning their company and have rented such equipment.

This article is for such people, to educate this group. This will enlighten them about the basics of sweeper and scrubber. There are three basic styles of cleaning manufacturers.

The three styles are as follows:

#1 The Sweeper. I define the sweeper as a machine that sweeps and vacuums debris consisting of small dust/dirt particles to large pieces of debris. The large debris could be, but not exclusive to paper, wood and glass. A sweeper could be manufactured in the form of a walk-behind machine or as a rider machine. A walk-behind could be made as an electric, gasoline or LP. As a rider, it has been made as an electric, gas, LPG or diesel.

I have seen walk-behind sweepers as small as 20” The size 20” describes the cleaning path width So, when you hear about a 48” sweeper; that is a sweeper path and also the width of the main brush (48”).

So, a walk-behind is a minimum of 20” in width, however, they are made as wide as 36”. What comes to mind is the Advance 360 Model. It was a walk-behind that was 36.”

The rider sweeper has reached a width as big as 56”. An example of this would be the Armadillo SW10X made by PowerBoss.

#2 The Scrubber is a machine that is defined by me as a machine that distributes solution to the surface then the scrubbing brushes scrub the surface. The dirty solution is squeegeed and vacuumed to the recovery/ dirty water tank. These style of machines is also made in walk-behind or rider form. They could be as small as 18” wide and as large as 50”. An example of a 50” machine would be the Tennant Model 550. This style, as well, comes in electric, gas, LP and diesel form. However, the diesel is a rare duck.

#3 The Sweeper-Scrubber is a machine that is the product of the two preceding machines; the sweeper and the scrubber. The combination makes extinct the need for ownership of a sweeper and a scrubber. Pre 1985 that was the case. In order to perform both functions you must have owned two machines. Then in 1985 the PowerBoss was introduced. This machine is only manufactured in a rider form. Today, the smallest is 38” wide that is made by Advance Model 2042. The largest could be the American Lincoln 7765, the Tennant 8410 or the PowerBoss TSS95. They all are similar size, give or take an inch. These machines can sweep and scrub factories as large as 500,000 square feet.Those are the basic of sizes, etc.

If you have any questions or comments, you can e-mail me at

Happy New Year!

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