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Studies show companies that market through good times and bad statistically outperform their competition… What is your plan for 2010?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Edited by: Samantha Donisi

Wouldn’t it be great if your dealership could utilize a “hired gun” marketing department for less than your worst performing sales person? What if this marketing department committed to training key employees on the key areas that make the biggest difference over the long term for the company?

EquipmentFX can deliver just that! They specialize in dealer and supplier-specific marketing solutions that combine the best in dealer experience, website design and development, world class SEO strategy and direct marketing technology into a system of predictable results that are proven to drive a dealership forward.

EquipmentFX was founded in 2009 and fully launched in November of this year. Steve Smith, the President and Managing Partner, has 20 years of equipment dealer experience, most recently as a Vice President of Johnson Lift/Hyster, a Caterpillar tractor and Hyster forklift dealer, and one of the largest equipment dealerships in North America. His partner, William Craig, is the President and founder of WebpageFX, the 15th ranked SEO company in the world.

Smith left Johnston Lift/Hyster with a goal in mind. He wanted to make better marketing understandable, affordable, accessible and trainable for equipment businesses. His experience and practice of developing his own “system” helped him uncover the possibilities that such a system would create; it also left him with the realization that the time and resources to do it right were likely to escape most companies that are too busy dealing with the day-to-day effort of running a dealership.

He founded EquipmentFX to be the marketing strategizer for the busy dealership. Smith believes that marketing in general has become a much more complex, evolving set of disciplines, and that traditional marketing fails to address this.

The company’s working method, years of application, experience and detailed results are unique. They utilize some “pay for performance” programs and even “money back” guarantees if certain deliverables are not achieved. They work hard to ensure the most well documented case studies on what work and why it will continue to do so.

The company is new, and their process is only now becoming known as an option in the industry. Outsourcing in general, whether for creative talent, technology based projects, accounting or human resources is a trend that is taking on an increasing focus. The company’s approach gives any dealer the opportunity to outsource marketing at the highest level while staying focused on managing their company, and attending to the details that matter.

The company was formed with this premise in mind: there is a ton at stake for equipment companies - from inventory, careers, fixed assets, income and profit. “The industry has been in the “survive” mode and needs to transition into the “thrive” mode,” Smith said. “The equipment industry, for the most part, has not utilized formal planning, leading technology and sound marketing fundamentals to differentiate their companies from a sea of competition. Marketing well has been an afterthought and, in many cases and with good reason, it traditionally has been too complicated and too expensive to do it right.”

EquipmentFX believes that hiring a full time agency is not an option; however, training key employees can be an option if they know where to start and how to construct a true “campaign”. There is very little understanding of setting up the metrics that matter, so an owner can actually see the Return-on-Investment.

“There is an overwhelming amount of “sameness” to what equipment dealers do, or don’t do,” Smith said. “Customers and prospects in our industry are not unlike customers and prospects in other industries; they thirst for solutions and companies that deliver them.”

Companies that build a focused marketing message around what the customers want, and then market it consistently, deliver on the promises and leave that “wow” experience to keep their customers from looking elsewhere. It is that idea that EquipmentFX believes will create more new customers than the competition.

Of special note is the 90 Second Tour on the EquipmentFX homepage, which gives a brief overview of the concept and what they do. A second area that potential customers should pay special attention to is the Customer Hub, where a dealer can gain access to everything they need to understand marketing and construck a responsible campaign. This includes which disciplines are the most important, the timing of how a good plan comes together, several checklists to help review their vendors, practical step-by-step guides, video and PowerPoint presentations; all designed to help the customer understand how they can build a strong marketing campaign would work for them.

For even more help, the company has a “Plan Summary” page, which gives a brief overview of some of the plan concepts for small, medium and large dealers, pricing depends on their level of belief, need, time frame and budget, no fixed contracts or time frames.

For more information contact Equipment FX at 888/665-8999 or visit

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