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Stertil-Koni USA Awarded United States Patent for Innovative ECOLIFT Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

Friday, May 18, 2012

Stertil-Koni USA is pleased to announce that Stertil-Koni has been awarded United States Patent Number 8,191,865 for its innovative ECOLIFT heavy duty scissor lift. The ‘865 patent will issue from the United States Patent & Trademark Office on June 5, 2012. It will cover the ECOLIFT system, including the combination of the scissor mechanism, carriage, cover, and other parts.

The 865 patent will grant to Stertil-Koni the right to exclude others from making, using, selling, importing and offering for sale scissor lifts that are covered by the patent claims. In an enforcement proceeding, Stertil-Koni would be entitled to seek money damages for past infringement and an injunction prohibiting others from making, using, selling or offering for sale scissor lifts covered by the patent claims. In some cases, Stertil-Koni would also be entitled to enforce its patent against those who maintain or sell parts for scissor lifts that have been determined to infringe its patent.

We are pleased and proud that the Patent Office has recognized the inventiveness of the Stertil-Koni ECOLIFT scissor lift.

About Stertil-Koni USA, Inc.

Stertil-Koni is the global market leader in heavy duty hydraulic lifts and is the preferred supplier to the world’s leading companies in the truck and bus industries. Stertil-Koni's breadth of lift products meets all ranges of lifting needs and includes mobile, two-post, four-post, in-ground lifts, parallelogram lifts, half-scissors and the innovative axle-engaging, in-ground, scissor-style heavy duty hydraulic lift configuration. In the United States, under the leadership of Dr. DellAmore, Stertil-Koni USA, Inc. has achieved double-digit annual sales growth every year since its incorporation in Maryland in 1997. Today, the company is recognized as the leading provider of mobile lifts and the fastest growing heavy-duty lift company in North America. Stertil-Koni U.S.A. is headquartered in a modern 25,000 square foot combined office and warehouse facility in Stevensville, Maryland and has a major manufacturing facility in Streator, Illinois. The company proudly guarantees to maintain 25 years parts and availability for all product models that it offers for sale.

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