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Sometimes “Stuff” Happens

Friday, November 1, 2013

Dallas was hosting Denver one Sunday and the experts were expecting a real shoot-out. Little did they know that the score would be knotted at 48 going into the final moments.

Two quarterbacks were playing their trade while it appeared that two defensive units were playing “Marco Polo” on grass. My message today involves the “losing” quarterback. He was good. But not when it counted.

This guy did everything right for most of the game. Allow me to remind you that most does not translate to 100%. He was putting on an exhibition of how to be a top-rated QB in the NFL for 95% of the game. He goes by the name Tony Romo. But … even with over 500 yards passing (a Dallas Cowboy club record) and 48 points on the board, one ill-timed interception was all it took to ruin a nice day’s work. In fact, Mr. Romo ended up on the losing side of the score card thanks to that errant flip of the wrist. He was good. But he was not quite good enough. One single mistake at the end of the game was all he needed to end his joy ride.

And so it is with you my friends. You must be good and you must continue to be good if you want to win at this thing called business. Your competitors are also trying to win. They also are playing hard. And the last thing you want to do is sabotage your chances for success by shooting yourself in the foot for any reason. You must maintain your composure at all times and select your movements judiciously.

You too are playing a contact sport. You too will get knocked down on occasion. You too will have some questionable calls go against you. But the secret is to get into a position where you can win in the end, and not run out of time, and not elect to do something foolish.

Football or no football, the Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys served as a great reminder to all of us who enjoy eating regularly as a result of our conducting a successful travel business.

#1: It ain’t over til its over.

#2: It is sometimes wise to take a small loss rather than risk a huge gain. Especially when time is not on your side and the opposing QB goes by the name of Peyton Manning.

#3: Don’t ever bet against Peyton Manning.

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