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The proper way to add a forklift attachment

December 15, 2015

During the last few months I have seen a number of forklifts that have unapproved forklift attachments and thought it might be a good idea to address the proper routes for getting an attachment added correctly... Read more about The proper way to add a forklift attachment

Tweak the Treat

November 11, 2015

To tweak is to modify, alter, change or refine. Today’s society has become obsessed and addicted to sugar which contributes to numerous health issues from diabetes to obesity. Holidays tend to magnify the situation. The outcome is not so... Read more about Tweak the Treat

What about me?

September 28, 2015

This cartoon appeared in last week’s TRO Ezine and I thought of you. It reminded me of the “SBC.” This stands for the "Social Bafoon Curse.”

Today's message has little to do with travel, and a lot to do with your social... Read more about What about me?

Covering Your Dealerships Increasing Costs

June 1, 2013

No this is not another article that talks about profitability. I will not explain how to raise all of your prices and achieve profit from your dealerships profit centers. If it was that easy then this topic would not be so interesting. If... Read more about Covering Your Dealerships Increasing Costs

What’s That Engine Noise?

May 1, 2013

Have you ever had an engine with a noise that you just couldn’t diagnose? Different engine designs have different characteristics that can cause an engine noise that is not necessarily an indication of a pending failure. The following is... Read more about What’s That Engine Noise?

Maximize Profit by Properly Quoting A Reman Engine

April 1, 2013

At the dealership level, an engine overhaul job should be very profitable if managed correctly. However, if the quote is not created properly the dealership can give away the profits. This article will explain how to maximize profit by... Read more about Maximize Profit by Properly Quoting A Reman Engine

The Importance of PCV Maintenance

February 1, 2013

Have you ever maintained a truck on PM for several years and eventually pull the valve cover off in the shop and have the oil all gummed up and stuck to everything? Your first thought is usually – “that damn PM guy must have never changed... Read more about The Importance of PCV Maintenance

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