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2017 MHhuddle Conference

The Material Handling Huddle is an opportunity for you to build more profitable businesses through networking and education. Increase your knowledge of issues, regulations, products and services vital to our industry. Develop and improve relationships with other dealers and manufacturers.

Join us at the Holiday Inn-Rolling Meadows, Ill. for an educational one-day conference, June 7, with key industry leaders giving you ideas to take back to your business tomorrow. This four-session format will include topics that are trending in the industry. Take part in networking opportunities before and during the event, plus a vendor mall for ideas on products and services to expand your product line.

2017 ProMat Guide


Are All Small Businesses Going To Hell In a Handbasket?

September 1, 2012

I pride myself as being upbeat, self-motivated, make-it-happen type of guy. In fact, my business card labels me as a “Motivational Speaker” so I must be more than squared away more often than not.

But I am also a seasoned realist... Read more about Are All Small Businesses Going To Hell In a Handbasket?

Don’t Sell Trust Short

August 1, 2012

I was reminded yesterday during my weekly “Open Mic Phone Call” how this thing called trust really works. Trust is an intense concept. It takes months if not years to establish … and mere milliseconds to destroy. Once you have it however,... Read more about Don’t Sell Trust Short

Define Your Home Run

July 1, 2012

R egardless of how many years I have experienced, and how many times I have fallen and managed to get up again, I amaze myself at just how much I still don’t know, and how much I have forgotten along the way.

This month’s lesson is... Read more about Define Your Home Run

Yes! It Can Happen To You!

June 1, 2012

A very large advertising agency lost the Mars account after 70 years of service and $70 million in annual billings.

The well-known D’Arcy Advertising Agency has been respected for over 70 years. Don’t you think there were people... Read more about Yes! It Can Happen To You!

When Was the Last Time You Got Jammed-Up?

May 1, 2012

This phrase hit me like a ton of bricks as I was watching the TV show Blue Bloods last Friday.

The detective (the commissioner’s son) made a decision that he knew was a step or two out of bounds. When he was called in to explain his... Read more about When Was the Last Time You Got Jammed-Up?

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

April 1, 2012

Today’s message is a message based on a true story. It contains an important reminder for all of you.

A particular industry conference was on my calendar for over a month. I knew as a professional speaker that good things result from... Read more about Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Lets Keep This Selling Thing Real

March 1, 2012

Sales today is as competitive as ever. The old style of selling simply doesn’t work as good as it used to. Buyers, Mike Marchev customers and clients are too smart … too street savvy … too educated to fall for any text book trick from... Read more about Lets Keep This Selling Thing Real

Some People Insist On Shooting Themselves In The Foot

February 1, 2012

I see it all the time. Sometimes multiple times in a single week. And when I am party to it, I see red, feel the hair on the back of neck, and my heartbeat seems to shoot into overdrive.

Why don’t more people realize that it takes... Read more about Some People Insist On Shooting Themselves In The Foot

Are You Finally Ready? Prove It.

January 1, 2012

Don’t give me that again. Don’t tell me how next year is going to be different. I’ve heard it all before. You’ve heard it all before. I’ve said it all before … and so have you.

Next year blah … blah … blah. But, what if... Read more about Are You Finally Ready? Prove It.

I Am a Lot Smarter Than You!

December 1, 2011

I could wax eloquent on this subject and have lots of fun doing so. But in the interest of time … both yours and mine … I will immediately address the subject at hand.

I believe I am smarter than you for five very simple... Read more about I Am a Lot Smarter Than You!

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