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‘Cloud’ Technology Makes Supply Chain Execution Software More Affordable and Deployable

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Now large or small distribution centers can implement supply chain execution software at any number of locations with increased speed, low capital outlay and without making additional investments in IT hardware – by choosing to operate their systems via Internet cloud technology.

Intek Integration Technologies now offers optional distribution of its suites of Warehouse Librarian supply chain execution software through a new Internet-based deployment system, the Intek CloudTM online platform. This new technology gives distribution centers a new alternative to operate all orf part of those software suites using Intek’s server infrastructure at any or all distribution sites, rather than deploying the software on their own IT hardware.

“Through the Intek Cloud we’ve achieved the ultimate in scalability and flexibility,” says Mac Cutchins, Intek Chairman and CEO. “We can now effectively support distribution centers of any size at any location through our IT infrastructure, or conventionally at the customer premises – or any combination of both. For instance, through this method of software access, our customers can instantly deploy needed software to new sites anywhere.”

The benefits of the new supplier server based system are many, depending on customer needs. For example, it makes access to a powerful line-of-business application suite to smaller organizations more convenient and affordable. At the same time, it provides large organizations the wherewithal to deploy Intek software suites at smaller and remote locations – virtually instantly.

“For many distribution centers this is truly a breakthrough,” says Cutchins. “In general, distribution centers are significantly behind the curve when it comes to using available technologically. However, through our cloud technology they can quickly adopt many advanced technologies that will allow them to service their customers more quickly and accurately.”

Cutchins adds that a recent McKinsey Quarterly survey points out that supply chain risk is rising, and that many respondents say they aren’t able to keep pace with global trends.

“Due to the complexity of the product offerings, the software and services segment has also fallen behind the curve. But that has now changed as far as Intek is concerned,” he says.

Through its cloud-based platform, Intek’s various Warehouse Librarian supply chain execution software suites function just as if they were implemented on site, except that they are delivered online. This offers important savings to companies that are looking for access to powerful programs with low capital outlay for hardware, or for those who don’t have the IT staff to support complex line-of-business suites.

For larger companies or those with wider supply chain applications, this cloud technology can provide faster rollout of new facilities. Or, it can be used as a hybrid deployment system where Warehouse Librarian is delivered partly off premises and partly on premises.

Intek’s Warehouse Librarian Suite is a robust family of supply chain execution products, with the core product now in its 12th major release in 15 years of shipping. The product family is stratified into three products to fill the needs of a range of customers based on their size and current levels of sophistication. Warehouse Librarian is the core product; Warehouse Librarian Enterprise is designed for large enterprises and complex requirements; Warehouse Librarian Essentials is designed for entry-level, fast implementations. All three editions are now available through the Intek Cloud.

Founded in 1987, Intek Integration Technologies, Inc. is a software company specializing in supply chain execution, including warehouse management and automation control. The company’s unique approach combines solutions from multiple disciplines, focused on assisting its clients to achieve competitive advantage in their markets by providing seamless integration from business systems to all facets of distribution operations, to hardware automation in the distribution center. Clients include: PETCO, The U.S. Government, Panasonic, Ricoh, (an Amazon company), Boyds Coffee Company, Animal Supply Company, Beauty Brands, and Medtronic.

For more information contact Intek Integration Technologies, 35328 SE Center Street, Snoqualmie, WA 98065; Phone: 425/455-9935; Fax: 425/455-9934; E-mail: or visit the web site at

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