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Re-Conditioning Batteries is Big Business

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What makes battery re-conditioning big business?

Reconditioned batteries are quickly becoming the consumer’s first and best choice for battery replacements. According to a representative from one of the leading forklift battery suppliers on the west coast, “the overwhelming consumer demand has created a shortage in the supply of reconditioned batteries”. The reconditioning of batteries is creating cost savings that quickly reaches into the millions each year. Even for a forklift or golf car manufacturer that reconditions their own batteries, they generate millions in saved battery replacement costs. These distributors and other companies who use batteries to operate supply chain businesses are gaining a new perspective toward reconditioned batteries because of the technological breakthroughs being released into the commercial market. Battery distributors and service providers of electric powered vehicles are realizing they can capture new revenue through new battery maintenance services and by leasing out these proven battery reconditioning systems. This realization is making battery reconditioning a big business for them.

The trend for today’s market

The remedy to the shortage of reconditioned batteries is fast becoming a trend for today’s market. Forklift dealers are able to recondition forklift batteries in the field with the Dynapulse™. These systems are providing a key factor in that they are battery recovery chargers that do not cause heat or damage to the battery during the reconditioning process. The constant current chargers of today are called hot chargers for a reason. They produce a lot of heat within the battery and heat the internal plates to degrees that cause them to shed the active material needed to make the battery work. Not so with a Dynapulse™. The military version of the Dynapulse™ has been in use for several years by the Department of Defense and the US military. Before now they were the only ones able to fully recover acid stratified, sulfated lead acid batteries with lasting results. They call their version of the Dynapulse™ a “battery conditioner”. Nearly 1000 battery conditioners purchased by the government and commercial aviation market have proven year after year to be the modern battery solution to century old battery problems. Technology has finally provided a proven and viable system for the commercial market. The system eliminates acid stratification, desulfates the internal plates and charges the battery all at the same time in a matter of hours. And because of this, the trend for today’s market is driving forklift and golf car dealers to be among the first to purchase these new mobile battery reconditioning systems. It is giving forklift service providers the edge over the competition. Providing a viable reconditioned battery product to customers has set a new reachable level of growth opportunity for companies with existing battery maintenance services. Distribution centers and third part logistics companies greatly benefit through dramatic cost savings generated by the lower costing reconditioned batteries and an emerging competitive race to offer lower battery repair costs.

Generate revenue while reducing waste

Additionally, reconditioning batteries is becoming such big business because of the monumental reduction in waste and environmental impact. For every lead acid battery that is recovered from sulfation and acid stratification, several months to years is added to the battery’s useful life. Purchasing new batteries every two or four years and reconditioning them in-house, offers waste reductions calculating from one third up to one half of the current waste levels produced by companies today. Reconditioning batteries accomplishes several things. It generates new revenue, reduces waste and spending, and shrinks the amount of batteries your company consumes each year. The impact of reconditioning batteries is enormous. These are not unrealistic opportunities. Improving profit margins and accumulating renewable energy credits, if that is really on the horizon, will help companies lead in their industry through battery reconditioning. Adding an extended service life to lead acid batteries drastically reduces their negative impact on the global environment. If you needed a plug for going green, there it is, otherwise it is an added bonus to any business profile.

Creating jobs in the private sector

Lastly, there is the rising trend of job creation coming out of reconditioning batteries. Battery reconditioning is becoming so important because it is producing a massive potential for economic stimulation. Companies that save millions in battery replacement costs have more economic stability. Companies that capitalize on the use of these battery recovery systems in their own operations are also introducing their own forklift or golf car battery services to existing clients. And better still, they generate new revenue from creating new battery service clients. Today, viable battery reconditioning machines, proven to work fast with lasting results provide new and very valuable opportunities. This collage of opportunities through onsite and mobile battery reconditioning services creates confidence in the battery consumer and confidence in the battery service provider. This kind of confidence in the industrial market segment opens up the economy for new job opportunities and continued business growth and development.

Do you see an opportunity for your company to benefit from reconditioning batteries? Find more information about battery reconditioning with a Dynapulse ™ at or call Modern Battery Solutions
direct at 714/248-9288.

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