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Pyroban Installs Equipment Integrated Gas Detection Systems

Monday, March 30, 2009

History has shown that all powered mobile industrial equipment have one thing in common; Unless they are properly protected, they have many ignition and heat sources which are likely to cause a fire or explosion if they come into contact with an ignitable atmosphere or material.

Last week, Pyroban, a global provider of explosion protection on powered industrial equipment, completed the installation of five long term demonstrations of the Gascheka automatic shut down system in three Refineries, one Paint manufacturing plant and a Chemical/Resins factory. All companies participating in these demos recognize and acknowledge the dangers posed by using powered industrial equipment in their facilities, and they decided to evaluate the active protection features offered by Gascheka for future implementation.

These industry leaders understand that by installing Gascheka the risk of ignition by powered industrial equipment will be almost completely eliminated in Class 1 areas because equipment is shut down automatically before an ignitable atmosphere can develop. The early notification offered by the Gascheka system will also enable these organizations to take preventive measure and contain accidental releases or spills at an early stage, thereby significantly reducing the chance igniting the release and increase the likely hood that they avoid a catastrophic incident.

Besides these demonstration units, Pyroban also reports that they signed a global supply agreement with a major cosmetic manufacturer to install Gascheka on forklift equipment used in their (unclassified) distribution centers which store finished consumer products in aerosol containers. This customer’s firsthand experience with the dangers and risks posed by handling sealed aerosols containers justified the investment in Gascheka as an added safety system.

Pyroban had another success story when a Canadian vacuum truck manufacturer decided to adopt Gascheka and offer it as an option to its customers. Following a number of explosions in refineries and hazardous waste facilities involving vacuum trucks, this company recognized the seriousness of the risks posed when using vacuum trucks near flammable atmospheres.

Robert Zuiderveld, of Pyroban Corp states all of these developments are a promising sign that there is a growing awareness within US industries about the dangers resulting from the use of powered industrial equipment in or around potentially explosion hazardous areas. It also shows that there are industry concerns about the level of protection required by current codes, regulations and requirements which are enforced by Local Authorities Having Jurisdictions.

Evidence of the fire hazards caused by using powered industrial equipment in potentially hazardous areas can be found in the NFPA report named “Industrial Loader and Forklift Fires” which was published in January 2009. This report states that between 2003 and 2006 an average of 1340 fires were ignited by heat/ignition sources found on industrial loaders and forklift (1% of all units expected to be sold in 2009).

Further proof regarding the dangers of using equipment which is not UL tested, certified or designed for handling flammable materials was provided last year when a US based paint manufacturer experienced a major incident in one of their distribution centers in China. The fact that this fire was ignited by an EE rated forklift truck, alerted Chinese authorities and end users to the dangers of allowing these types of equipment to handle flammable materials. Chinese Authorities are currently re-evaluating the allowance of these types of equipment in hazardous locations throughout China.

Gascheka is an equipment integrated gas/LEL detection system that offers ACTIVE real time protection against flammable gas/vapor or liquid buildups, releases and spills. Gascheka will sound an alarm when it detect 10% LEL and shut down equipment automatically and immediately when 20% LEL is reached. By shutting the equipment down, 80+% off all ignition sources found on powered industrial equipment will been eliminated.

For more information, please contact:
phone: 973/748-0760
fax: 973/842-0508

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