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Practice. Practice. Practice.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

I was watching the Olympic Ice Skating Woman’s Short Program the other night when it dawned on me. As pretty as these ladies skated, and as perfect each jump appeared, I realized that this did not all come about by accident.

Prior to prime time coverage of this event there were countless hours of grueling, boring, repetitive, painful, joyless skating in empty ice rinks somewhere just south of who knows where. Day after day … week after week … month after month … and year after year the practice sessions were scheduled and implemented with one destination in mind … for one minute. They skate their routines over and over and over again until they probably want to become sick … and tired.

These athletes have paid an exorbitant price for the privledge of representing you and me in Russia. And win or lose each and everyone has become my role model.

Message: Are you paying the price and doing what needs doing (over and over and over) again to reach your destination? Are you practicing enough? Do you really want to achieve your definition of success? Really? If yes, guess what time it is? It is time to practice.

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