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Outside the box wellness in the workplace

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Employers looking to retain and recruit employees understand the power behind investing in the company’s number one asset: their employees. Providing quality wellness programs are key to employee engagement and well-being.

Wellness is more than lack of sickness. It encompasses empowering, educating and mentoring the healthy lifestyle. The culture environment is a set of beliefs, practices, customs and behaviors that are found to be common in a certain population. Is your company embracing wellness?

The success of any goal is to understand what is the “why” behind pursing it. Companies that understand wellness realize investing in the long-term health of employees will have an impact in the present as well.

The morale and culture of a wellness driven workplace are shown to have increased productivity and reduced healthcare costs. The potential to reduce health risks and cut health care spending in the long run are two strong reasons employers cannot afford to take for granted that lifestyle-management programs can reduce costs and lead to significant savings.

Addressing the mind, body and human spirit is the outside the box thinking that gets results. TVH has a diversified employee base. Our goal is to provide a variety of programs to enrich everyone’s quality of life.

Along with physical activities to strengthen the body, weekly wellness classes are offered addressing mindfulness and daily habits. TVH University offers training classes to enhance employees’ knowledge of various aspects of the industry along with MyTLink which provides a Learning Management System to expand knowledge, acquire new skills for continuing growth.

Employees are given a day for VTO (Volunteer Time Off) to serve at a non-profit; thereby feeding the spiritual aspect of giving back and serving others.
During the month of November, classes focused on developing healthy lifestyle habits; the program included an acupuncturist and a hypnotist. Numerous employees participated in the Great American Smoke Out.

If nothing changes, nothing changes. Invest in well-being and reap the benefits. “We like to provide options for our employees to improve their quality of life. Lifestyle classes enhance our Wellness Workplace Environment,” CEO Els Thermote said.

If you’d like to learn more about our programs for health and wellness at your workplace contact Lucy DelSarto, TVH Health and Wellness Coach at