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Modern Battery Solutions Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Batteries

Monday, November 1, 2010

Let’s face it – batteries are expensive. And they don’t last forever, sooner or later they wear out and no amount of recharging can bring them back to life. However, Modern Battery Solutions, LLC has found a way for consumers to get the most out of their batteries by extending the life of the battery and saving money on costly repairs. Modern Battery Solutions offers the solution to the century old problem typical of the lead acid battery, acid stratification and sulfation,” said Deborah Baker, President and CEO of the company. “Most supply chain distribution centers and electric vehicle owners feel they are at the mercy of their batteries and their battery companies. When batteries fail prematurely because they have sulfated from undercharging and over-discharging, or the acid becomes stratified, these consumers are faced with the expense of replacing the batteries or sending them out for repair.

A battery manufacturer is in business to sell batteries. Modern Battery Solutions is in business to help the battery consumer make those batteries last longer.”

Baker founded the company in 2008 as a battery service that reconditioned forklift and golf car batteries. “We used our rapidly growing experience with battery maintenance and reconditioning to develop a process to qualify batteries that can be reconditioned with battery restoration chargers,” she said. “Today, it is common for 80 percent of the batteries to be recovered with excellent results.”

The company became the commercial Dynapulse™ Factory Representative for Power Products Inc. in 2009. Dynapulse™ is the brand name of the battery restoration chargers that can recondition many commercial lead acid battery applications in a matter of hours. The term ‘Dynapulse’ refers to the technology utilized in part of the reconditioning process – the “Low Frequency High Amperage Pulse Technology” that is pulsed through the battery removes sulfation buildup on the plates. The high current pulses and combined charging process then changes the sulfate crystals back into active electrolyte and restores power and life back to the battery. Knowing that not every battery can be restored gave Modern Battery Solutions the drive to develop the needed process to identify reconditionable batteries from those not salvageable.

Today, Modern Battery Solutions teaches their clients how are to quickly determine which batteries are good candidates for reconditioning and which ones should be recycled. By letting the customer know immediately if their battery can be saved or if it needs to be recycled saves days of labor intensive diagnostics. The customer additionally saves transportation and costly repair expenses and can know in a matter of a few minutes what the state of health is on their forklift battery; whether it can be reconditioned or needs to be recycled.

Modern Battery Solutions has helped many forklift battery service companies and a leading golf car manufacturer called Club Car, realize the cost saving benefits of utilizing our battery “qualifying” process. What has taken these companies several days to determine in the past can now be accomplished in about 15 seconds.

We realized that without a way to identify reconditionable batteries it didn’t matter how good the reconditioning equipment was. The time it takes to discharge, recharge, acid adjust if needed and then load test again can cover a three to ten day stretch and that is not cost effective for anyone. Our process doesn’t require expensive testing tools or extensive training. We like to keep things simple for our clients.

More than the technology and experience they offer, Modern Battery Solutions, LLC is a company that caters to the customer. “At Modern Battery Solutions we value relationships and we are proud of that,” Baker said. “Our customer relationships are far more important than simply making a sale or setting up a new service business. We want our customers to trust us just as much as they want their customers to trust them and without a solid relationship, trust cannot be gained or given.” She added that no matter the size the business, Modern Battery Solutions can help you recondition the batteries necessary for your success and even help develop new revenue streams using their unique battery restoration process. “At Modern Battery Solutions we understand the problems the Material Handling industry has with their batteries and we have the solution,” Baker said. “We don’t just sell you a product, Modern Battery Solutions is here to educate the Material Handling industry about new battery reconditioning technology, viable cost saving processes and best practices to create distribution and revenue saving opportunities for the industry as a whole.”

For more information visit the company website at or call us direct at 714/248-9288

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