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Modern Battery Solutions Help Boost Your Profits!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Material handling supply chains, forklift and battery repair shops and even end users now have the ability to get what they have always wanted out of their forklift batteries, more use, more life, with a lower cost than it takes to replace them with new ones. Today, Modern Battery Solutions ( has the material handling solution to remedy this long and almost lost hope. In the past, longer lasting batteries were only on paper in the form of a grand warranty that evolved into an array of stipulations that could and would void its value. Back in the old days batteries came with an expectation and warranty that said they would last an end user for fifteen years. This warranty made these expensive deep cycle storage batteries more marketable because of the seemingly low risk involved. Manufacturers did not account for the possibility of poor end user battery maintenance regiments that would cause the onset of sulfation that would eventually render these batteries prone to fail prematurely.

Modern Battery Solutions has the ability to supply you with military proven technology that has been working for years, and working much faster than the current conventional battery recovery and repair methods. This technology was scientifically proven through an initial evaluation at a classified military location over an extensive twenty month period of time, testing its capabilities on thousands of motive batteries. The results were so exceptional it caused this breakthrough in battery recovery technology to be implemented into a specific battery recovery unit that was designed to populate US military battery repair facilities all over the world and throughout all of the branches of its service. Today these battery recovery units are found in every one of those exact places. A battery recovery system’s technology could not ask for a more credible reference than that.

This technology and its systems have been under review to receive a US patent number in short because of its highly desirable proprietary design and functionality. These battery recovery units in their unique design and practical use applications have the ability to lengthen the amount of time the commercial and industrial market is able to use their batteries. Additionally, it has the ability to decrease the amount of time it takes to maintain, repair, restore and recover sulfated batteries.

One of these battery recovery systems was sent to East Penn ( for their evaluation and while they applied the battery recovery unit to two aged and “heavily sulfated” batteries with multiple issues, they witnessed the specific gravities and the cell voltages increase 25 points and higher. Their lab concluded the battery recovery system to “remove sulfation similarly to that of a constant current charger without the harmful excessive heat generation and excessive gassing”. These two battery killers, excessive heat and excessive gassing are known to cause positive grid oxidation and corrosion. The other great things expressed, were that the battery recovery system has a “low cost and a desirable design for portability that could easily be used in both multiple facility stationary and mobile battery service applications”. It is no secret that Deka makes a great battery, so we finally asked the folks at East Penn’s lab if our battery recovery systems would cause damage or do harm their batteries, we were told that “the technology in these units would not harm to their brand of batteries.”

News like this is perfectly timed for an economy that is still on the mend. Imagine spending less on battery replacement costs this next year because you implemented a proven array of battery recovery systems provided by Modern Battery Solutions; the array of battery recovery and reconditioning systems we offer comes with this proven technology that is so precise it effectively removes the risk in implementing them within your facility. What you save in costs by implementing these battery recovery and maintenance systems will increase the margin of profit on your bottom line. Additionally, you gain the same ability as our US military to safely and effectively lengthen the number of years your batteries work for you. This alone will shrink the size of your company’s carbon footprint and give your company the capacity to add valuable battery services resulting in additional streams of revenue. For more information visit our website at or call us direct for factory pricing at 951/392-2101.

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