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Magline, Inc. celebrates 70 years

Monday, October 30, 2017

Don C. Law, a Dow Chemical Company engineer, witnessed a luggage handler struggling with a heavy wooden hand cart. It was this image that led him to found Magline, Inc. in Pinconning, MI in 1947. With this introduction of the first magnesium hand truck as a lightweight yet strong alternative, the company has continually pioneered innovations that enhance delivery safety and productivity. Magline has grown from its roots to become a major manufacturer for the materials handling industry, utilizing magnesium and aluminum materials to construct lightweight and durable products. Magline is privately held, with current ownership by Brian Law, Bruce Law, Barry Monroe and Greg Ecker. The company currently has third generation Law family involved in the business.

Magline’s continued expansion of its product portfolio is a testament to the dedication to offering customers better solutions. Our goal is to consistently make customers aware that we can improve their bottom line by improving material handling challenges. We aim to create a compelling value proposition in our products and services. Whether it is an expense item or a capital investment, all of our products and services have to stand on their own merit; that’s how we have been able to build our brand over time. People know the Magline name and customers trust our products for durability, reliability and quality they can count on.

The company maintained its position as industry leader for over 70 years by working on transport solutions for industries that require daily transportation of products, like beer, soft drink, food service and parcel. Over the years, customers began referring to our products as Magliners to the point that eventually “Magliner” became the term used synonymously for hand truck.

Magliner products are available globally through our network of dealers and industrial catalog partners. Magline is proud to be a Michigan company with a local workforce competing on a global scale. We set ourselves apart from others in our industry by how intently we listen. Magline works frequently with clients and end-users to provide unique solutions to individual application challenges. We listen to business issues, conduct onsite process observational work and interview employees across the supply chain, develop product concepts and deliver prototypes for consideration. With the customers input, we refine the product and move into production.
While carts for route distribution will remain our core product theme, we will continue to branch out into several different markets with different types of product for respective applications. We have introduced delivery systems such as CooLift® and transportable lifting equipment like the LiftPlus® for industrial and manufacturing markets. Safety and ergonomics is becoming increasingly important in the supply chain, so power assisted products may become more prominent in buying decisions with our customers.
The past 70 years have been a whirlwind of growth, expansion and innovation. We look forward to strengthening the relationships we already have, and building new relationships as material handling requirements evolve.

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