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Just Dazed and Confused!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Recently I am reminded of an e-mail that I received from a dissatisfied consumer. From
my understanding, he apparently purchased parts for his scrubber from a company that shipped the wrong parts. This is what he was claiming.

Why contact me rather than the company that sent the incorrect parts? I really do not know, but he did. So I asked, “Let me hear the skinny of your story.” And this
is what he stated:

“I have a Nilfisk-Advance Scrubber, the model is a 4530C. The serial number is ********. Parts were ordered accordingly to my parts manual. But when they were received, they were all wrong.”

I asked him to tell me what parts he ordered. He stated brushes, squeegees and a tire. However, he indicated that the tire was correct for what he ordered. I then asked him where he got his part numbers from. He said he got them from his parts manual. He stated that the part numbers that he ordered are on the packages, but again, the parts are incorrect. I requested that he give me all of the part numbers he used when ordering. He gave me all the information. I asked him for 24 hours and would have him an answer.

After research, his model and serial number in respect to the brushes and squeegees here are my findings and the history of that particular machine: The machine, the Nilfisk-Advance Scrubber, Model 4530C was developed right around 2005 along with the 4830C. There are two-like machines also engineered at the same time. These, as well, must be put in the proper context to explain the entire situation.
4030C, 4530C, and 4830C Scrubbers

Also, you must understand the differences and similarities of these machines. The model numbers represent identifications. They are:

  1. 4030C = 40” scrub path with cylindrical brushes
  2. 4530C = 45” scrub path with cylindrical brushes
  3. 4830C = 48” scrub path with cylindrical brushes

The scrub path means the width of the machine scrubbing capabilities in one pass of cleaning. To help you further understand my explanation the engineers used the same body, frame, solution tanks and so on… What differentiates these machines are the:

  1. Scrubbing brush deck
  2. Rear Squeegee assembly

Everything else on these three scrubbers are basically the same. The question still remains, “Why the wrong parts?” Since these three machines are so similar in design and parts and functionality the decision was made to produce only one parts manual. Not attempting to confuse you, it was also known that these three machines were designed using disc (rotary brushes).
So the Model would look like the following:
4030D, 4530D, & 4830D

Not to further complicate the matter, all six versions were put in one parts manual.

Finally, about the tire that he ordered was correct because all six versions used the same one because it is part of the body and frame. The brushes and squeegees were wrong because he ordered the incorrect part number. The numbers were taking out of the 4830C section instead of the 4530C.

In conclusion of this article, one may ask why Nilfisk-Advance makes it so confusing. My answer is that Nilfisk-Advance does not have a monopoly on confusion. Tennant, as well, has a similar mind-set in producing a parts manual for several designs. The machine I am referring to is the Tennant 5700 Walk-Behind Scrubber. These machine versions are:

  1. 5700 – 700mm
  2. 5700 – 800mm
  3. 5700 – 900mm

Well, that’s enough on that subject! Remember to watch your parts manual or you, too, will become “dazed and confused!”

If you have any questions or comments regarding this article please do not hesitate to contact me.

As always, thanks for reading. You can e-mail me a

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