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It’s My Party And I’ll Cry If I Want To

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It dawned on me this very morning that this is my column, and I can write anything I want in it. Cool! Very cool.

I also reflected on the fact that it is your time and you can choose to use your time any way you wish. Reading my thoughts each month is just a single option.

Therefore, if I want you to read, I better write something worth reading. This is known in the trade as “customer focus.”

Here it goes:

Common Sense: Have you ever been wrong? I have. Lots of times. Sometimes because I listened to others. More often than not because I listened to myself.

Years ago (many years ago) I was introduced to the concept of Blogging. It was early in the game. I was ahead of the curve, but I thought better of the idea. I listened to me. Now, I am behind the eight-ball.

Social media, blogging and the like are proving to be a valid alternative to yesterday’s marketing principles.

I am planning to jump back on the bandwagon. Stay tuned.

Non-sense: Attitude is a funny thing. We all have one. The truth is that we all have the power to choose which one is best for us. The sad thing is that many of us most of the time select the wrong option.

Yes, it is up to you. Yes, this thing called life is a fleeting experience. Yes, bad things will come and go. Yes, you can decide to enjoy the day, the experience, the ride.

Dollars and Cents: Why don’t more people enjoy the lost art of reading? The answer may have something to do with “instant gratification” and the introduction of TV and video games ... not to mention the remote control.

Why do people think that they know all they need to know when with a little more input and motivation they could be far better off?

Why don’t more people invest in their future by picking up copies of:

Become The Exception. Sales Bible
The 52-Week Sales Planne. Road Map
More-On Marketing. Ten Tips & Reminders

Beats me. For a little more information of each of these super books, send me an email at Your future begins today and I can help show you the way. I may be wrong .. but so could you.

Send me an email before you get caught up enjoying today’s climb.

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