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FRUSTRATION! Attitude Adjustment or Squeegee Adjustment

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

When the squeegee blade on your scrubber begins to streak the floor in your factory, most service technicians would conclude one thing; it’s time to replace the squeegee blade.

So, today, we will discuss this topic of when to replace your squeegee blade. There are several guidelines to follow that I would like to share with you.

#1 A squeegee blade has four edges or sides to squeegee with. Until you have used all four you will not want to “replace” it.

#2 Any noticeable heavily worn or torn areas, you must “replace” the blade.

#3 When the squeegee begins to heavily curl, this contributes to streaking, so replace the blade.

#4 Part of the maintenance regiment is after every scrub period to use a rag and hand-wipe the bottom of the squeegee blade. This will remove all the grime and build-up of debris that also contributes to streaking. If streaking continues, replace the blade.

#5 Make sure you are using the correct squeegee blade material for your application. Using the incorrect blade material helps contribute with premature wear. The different materials I use are Linatex, Gum Rubber, Red Gum, Neoprene and Urethane.

I would very much enjoy talking about the different materials, but that’s for another time. I know one thing, using the wrong material can create a host of problems. Email me if you suspect you have an application problems.

Anyway, let me move on. After taking the steps that I listed above, I received an e-mail with a problem. My customer stated that he took the proper steps and maintained the blade. He became frustrated when his blade would not evenly squeegee and decided to replace the blade. After replacing the blade it still did not squeegee properly. It was leaving areas where it seamed as if it was not touching the floor. What was the problem?

After he told me that he was operating an Advance Model 3800 did I have a possible solution? The Advance 3800 is a small rider scrubber. This is a very good and dependable machine. This machine was introduced in 1994 and has been very popular from the get-go. I am very familiar with this machine and I can tell you what the problems were. Over time, the rear squeegee assembly gets out of adjustment. I am sure it needs a squeegee assembly adjustment.

Follow these directions to adjust the squeegee. There are two major squeegee tool adjustments:
#1 Angle
#2 Height

The recommended adjustment steps are to set to tool angle first, then adjust the blade height second.

Adjusting the squeegee angle: Adjust the squeegee angle whenever a blade is reversed or replaced, or if the squeegee is not wiping the floor dry.

1. Park the machine on a flat, even surface and lower the squeegee. Then, drive the machine forward enough to have the squeegee blades fold over ½” each facing to the rear on the floor.

2. Loosen the wing nut on top of the rear squeegee casters. There are two of them.

3. Turn the adjustment knob to tilt the squeegee tool forward or back-ward until the rear squeegee blade touches the floor evenly across its entire width.

4. Tighten the wing nuts you loosened in #2 above.

Squeegee Angle adjustment:

1. Same as stated above

2. Same as stated above

3. Rotate the adjustment knobs on top of the squeegee caster mounts, either clockwise to lift or counter-clockwise to lower it. The right and left knobs must be adjusted equally to maintain a level of even blade pressure.

4. Tighten the lock adjustment wing nuts on top of the left and right adjustment knobs.

5. Perform a squeegee scrub test and you’re done.

I received an e-mail about one week later. It said, “Mike, your advise did the trick, thanks! Chris” Now, another question, “Am I using the correct squeegee?” Well, that’s another time. So, to the ready, don’t become frustrated, just contact me. As always, I’m here to help. You can e-mail me at or call at 800/346-2319. Thanks for reading every month.

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