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Egemin Automation is holding two PRESS CONFERENCES in their booth #2347 at ProMat 2009!

Monday, January 12, 2009

HOLLAND, MI — Egemin, the world leader in Automatic Trailer Loading/Unloading with AGV’s, announces another first – the release of Egemin Guided Vehicle Systems for Push-Back Racking applications. Egemin is the first in the world to provide fully automatic loading and unloading capabilities for Push-Back Racking – the result of over $1,000,000 in product development for End-of-Line Warehousing by a global leader in AGV solutions.

Human-Way Egemin Guided Vehicles rely on advanced software and an innovative application of common, off-the-shelf control components to perform in a manner that duplicates the processing and the functions performed by a man-aboard fork truck. This highly tested, well-proven technology allows Egemin Guided Vehicles to replace a much wider range of pallet and unitized load handling applications previously performed exclusively by man-aboard fork trucks. In short, if a man-aboard fork lift can do it, we can do it.

Push-Back Racking is one of the most common and efficient storage methods for palletized and unitized loads, with millions of pallet locations currently installed. In the past, AGVS have not been used to service Push-Back Racking due to the many challenges of loading and unloading the rack with automation. Human-Way Egemin Guided Vehicle technology has overcome these challenges and now all of the storage, inventory management and space saving benefits of Push-Back Racking can be combined with the efficiency, cost savings and damage reduction provided by Egemin Guided Vehicles in a variety of Automated Warehouse System applications, including Egemin’s industry leading Automatic Trailer Loading and Unloading AGV’s.

Egemin Automated Warehouse Systems are more rapidly deployed than previous AGV systems due to Egemin’s standard construction and advanced software configuration abilities. A typical system can be delivered and installed in 6 months or less following completion of Functional Specifications. Agonizing questions about the ability for the automation to adapt to changing business are made obsolete with the level of flexibility offered by Egemin’s technologies. Egemin’s exclusive software and unique use of industry standard control components and industry standard fork, clamp and push-pull attachments allow Egemin Guided Vehicle Systems to:

  • be integrated with most existing Push-Back Racking installations
  • handle any pallet size or any unitized load
  • provide “one-touch” storage, and “one-touch” retrieval – loading pallet or unit loads directly onto over-the-road trailers from Push-Back Storage, or unloading from trailers directly into Push-Back storage
  • load and unload any common trailer with offset, skew and floor angle typically found in man-aboard fork truck loading and unloading applications
  • integrate easily with RFID, or third party WMS and ERP software
  • be re-deployed in another application within an existing manufacturing or warehousing location
  • be re-located to another site as manufacturing or warehousing needs change
  • grow in size with minimal effort; AGVs can be added to a system with no site support required by Egemin Automation technical staff.

100% off-the shelf, modular components on Egemin’s AGVs offer greater reliability and lower initial and total cost of ownership to the user. User-friendly on-board and off-board controls allow simpler use of the equipment and easier assimilation of the automation into the manufacturing plant or warehouse.

Egemin Automation Inc.

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