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Don’t Forget ... Anything!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Power of a Checklist: Years ago (many years ago) I learned how to fly single engine airplanes.

There are three lessons I learned that will serve me well forever.

  1. Use all of the runway.
  2. A stiff neck will kill you. (Look around and always be observant of your surroundings. No tunnel vision allowed.)
  3. Use your checklist or else. In this morning’s paper there was a reminder of how important checklists are and I thought I would pass along this sage advice.

The headline read, “Make a checklist - it will keep your business healthy.”

A story from Fast Magazine has a guy asking what words come to mind when one hears the word “checklist?” Basic; routine; dull were some of the responses. How about life-saving and game-changing?

I’m not going to tell you how, or show you how to construct a checklist because I think this would be demeaning. You know what steps need to be taken to book an itinerary, answer the phone, greet a new client, stay in contact with an old client, clean the air conditioning vents, etc, etc, etc. I’m betting that these mundane chores are being done as we speak ... by the seat of your pants. You are, in most instances, “winging your way” through the week.

If you are asking me and you want to be in business for the next ten years, I strongly recommend that you begin creating these lists and then living by them.

The fact of the matter is that they are so simple and the stuff you will write on them is so simple that in all probability, today’s Monday Morning Message will go the route of your delete files if it has not already been relegated a spot there already. This is too bad.

In today’s highly competitive environment, a single goof or over sight could cost, you, your employees and your families dearly. Why not do everything in your power to make sure that once you get your airplane off the ground that you get it back to land safely. Here is an idea. Why not build a simple checklist you can use in your promotional efforts and send it to both clients and prospects alike.

This simple gesture will clearly indicate that you know how to make things work without risk.

Here is an example to help stimulate your thinking.

I’ll say it again: A pilot who sits on his checklist is flying by the seat of his pants. Think about it before making this week one to be proud of.

Part 2: My new Video CD is now in the “can” and ready to go. It includes ten chapters of solid sales and marketing reminders along with accompanying handouts. This makes these vignettes ideal for weekly sales meetings.

To read (and hear) more, click on the following URL: (If the audio does not work for you, the text will tell you all you need to know.

For more information contact 732/381-3084,, or visit

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