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DOD Accepts The Pyroban Gascheka™ As Alternative To Ul Labeled Ds Type Equipment

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The US Department of Defense approved the installation of a FM approved Pyroban Gascheka™ system as an acceptable alternative to the UL “DS” label on powered industrial equipment. The decision to accept the Pyroban Gascheka™ as a suitable means of protection will enable the DOD to source equipment from virtually any supplier in the a product category, while ensuring and increasing the safety of the powered industrial equipment which they operate in their facilities.

The acceptance of the Gascheka™ ACTIVE protection features also means that equipment which could not be, or which was cost prohibitive to protect against ignition of flammable gases and vapors in the past, can now protected with the added safety offered by Gascheka™.

UL general purpose approved “DS” type equipment offers protection against electrical arcs and sparks only, leaving it wide open to liabilities such as over speeding and more important equipment misuse.

The FM Global C1D2 groups C&D approved Pyroban Gascheka™ on the other hand eliminate almost all equipment ignition sources and liabilities by shutting down equipment before an ignitable gas or vapor atmosphere develops and preventing restart until the atmosphere has cleared up.

Gascheka™ will sound an alarm at 10% LEL, while automatically and immediately shutting down equipment at 20% LEL. The mandatory self calibration feature of the Gascheka will make sure that the system is calibrated frequently to avoid floating.

By installing Gascheka™, equipment will be protected against the following equipment related ignition sources and liabilities, simply by shutting equipment down before an explosive gas or vapor atmosphere develop:

  • Flashback from the air inlet system
  • Flame or spark emission from the exhaust system
  • Over-speeding from vapor ingestion
  • Arcs and Sparks from electrical equipment/components
  • Sparks from the discharge of static electricity
  • Sparks from friction
  • Sparks from impact
  • Human error (accidentally operating the equipment in flammable atmospheres)
  • Equipment abuse/misuse (purposely operating the equipment in flammable atmospheres)
  • None compliant repairs (installation of none rated or general purpose components)
  • Equipment/component failure (arcs and sparks resulting from components failure or wear and tear)

Since its introduction 18 months ago, Pyroban has seen a significant growth and acceptance of ACTIVE protection systems in North America. Even though the economy has been struggling, customers understand that active protection offers cost saving in the short and the long run because it will allow them to benefit from the Major OEM equipment quality and parts support while ensuring equipment safety by approved Pyroban EX solutions.

The ACTIVE equipment protection systems offered by Pyroban are:

  • GaschekaTM
  • System 5000ETM and
  • System 5000DTM

For more information, please contact Pyroban by phone 974/748-0760 or e-mail You can find us on the web at or

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