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Brush Selection Guide

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Of all questions and comments I receive, the most popular subject is the Main Broom on a sweeper. Not only by phone conversations but also by fax and e-mails I receive a multitude of questions and comments.

I would like to share some of these questions with you today along with my answers.

#1Q I know what a full wrap brush means, but what is an 8 Double Row Brush?

#2Q What material will last the longest on my sweeper?

#3Q At our company we do not have much more than just dust. What is the best brush for my application? By the way my floor is just concrete with no sealant.

#4Q We sweep mostly indoor at our factory, however, we do sweep our parking lot a couple times a year. Is there a universal broom I can buy?

#5Q Fine dust is what I sweep at our company. I have been told and use a Full Wrap Brush. Is this the best?

Here’s my answers to the above.

#1A For our reader I will try to explain both items mentioned. First of all, a full-wrap is exactly what it sounds. It is a main brush that is fully wrapped with bristles. It is also known as a high-density broom. The purpose or applications are many, however, it is used mostly in an environment of fine dust/debris such as cement, coals, sand, etc. An 8 double row brush is a cylindrical brush with a total of 16 rows. It is called eight double row because there are 8, 2 row sections, evenly spaced. Each section is spaced very close to one another. This allows debris to be swept between the double rows. This broom was designed for litter debris, paper cups, soft drink cans, etc.

#2A This is a tough question. However, I will answer it in this way. It is, in my opinion, that users of this equipment that think in those terms are asking the wrong question. I believe the correct question should be, “What brush will be the most aggressive for my application at the lowest cost?” With proper care, adjustments (down pressure) and brush rotation you will get a proper life span.

#3A Many years ago, I called on a company with just that application. He was using an old Tennant 280 Sweeper. So, you know it was a long time ago. It was just dust on a good concrete floor with no sealer. I tried to sell him poly main brooms because they were less expensive. He would only buy all wire main brooms because “Wire brooms puts a shine to my floors!” And, of course, he was right. So this look was very important to him as well, hence, the wire was used.

#4A The quick answer is 8 DR Poly/Wire Main Brush. However, the floor inside is, of course, the most important since that is your daily sweep job. As long as your indoor floors are not sealed, Poly and Wire. If you have sealed floors use Poly only. You could have a broom for just the occasional outdoor sweep also. If you do this, I like the 8 DR Poly and Wire or all Crinkle Wire Main Broom.

#5A In the situation of fine dust no matter what floor, I like and recommend the full-wrapped Nylon. If not full-wrapped, at least, a 24 SR Nylon.

There are many applications and environments. Don’t forget the floor surface as well to determine the brush to be used.

Through the 30 plus years of experience, I have compiled a Brush Selection Guide. If you would like to receive this you can e-mail me at or call at 800/346-2319.

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