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Battery De-Mister – A Proven Way to Extend the Life of Your Battery

Thursday, July 1, 2010

By: Samantha Donisi

Batteries are a must both in and out of the material handling world. Batteries power our cars and trucks, our RVs, boats and golf cars, and our work machines – from scrubbers to forklifts – and so much more. Batteries are necessary, and they can be expensive. Luckily, Thermoil Inc. Battery De-Mister is a proven, inexpensive way to extend the life of your battery up to three times as long.

“Thermoil Battery De-Mister is a one-of-a-kind, patented battery oil that is 100% guaranteed to work every time in any non-sealed lead-acid battery,” said Thermoil Inc. president Terry Fellner. “By eliminating corrosion and keeping the chemistry of the electrolyte the same, your battery can now enjoy a lifespan of up to three times that of a battery without De-Mister. You will reduce water consumption an average of 7 times, although I have often seen reductions of up to 15 times, and significantly reduce sulfation, toxic fumes and the risk of explosion.”

The inside of a battery consists of lead plates sitting in an electrolyte solution. When a battery is charged, it activates a chemical process that breaks down the elements of the electrolyte and forms an acidic mist that sprays out the top of the battery and onto surrounding equipment. This mist is corrosive and over time can ruin both the battery and surrounding mechanical parts. Each time the battery is charged, the problem worsens.

“This patented oil (Battery De-Mister) is lighter than acid and water, so it will always float on top of the electrolyte. The result is that during the charging process the bubbles that would otherwise break violently on the surface of the electrolyte and carry out the damaging mist now hit this layer of oil and rise slowly to the surface, where they will break harmlessly,” Fellner said. “With virtually no mist and much less gassing, you now eliminate corrosion on the battery cover, posts and cables, as well as all electrical and mechanical components around the battery. In addition, the chemistry of the electrolyte remains the same so now the battery can perform as it was intended to.”

Thermoil was founded in Appleton, Wisconsin by Terry Fellner in 1992. At first, the company sold the Thermoil Battery directly to Recreational Vehicle manufacturers. In less than 5 years, Thermoil had captured over 75 percent of the RV market, according to Fellner.

“This did not sit well with the large battery manufacturers as they knew if Thermoil could dominate the RV manufacturers in less than 5 years, they would eventually impact every other lead-acid battery market in much quicker time. There are only a handful of battery manufacturers that have nation-wide distribution and since these battery manufacturers were aware that Thermoil would actually make their batteries last longer with less maintenance, they refused to support the manufacture or distribution of the Thermoil battery.”

“Without being able to distribute the Thermoil batteries cost-effectively in small quantities to the RV manufacturer’s dealer network, Thermoil lost the RV network,” Fellner said.

He added that because of this, Thermoil realized it would have to make its product accessible to every end-user in order to succeed in business.

Since the product is non-hazardous, Thermoil Inc. decided to sell Battery De-Mister in an easy-to-use 12 ounce bottle, just enough to treat one average non-sealed lead-acid battery.

“Since we have made the 12 ounce bottle available, we now have global distribution and currently sell in the U.K. and Europe, Australia, South Africa and South Korea and there are more countries being added monthly,” Fellner said.

The company’s website contains several videos showing how to treat your battery, how Thermoil Battery De-Mister works, and a demonstration of the product at work. You can also order Battery De-Mister or their newer product, Battery De-Sulfater. Both products are available in 12-ounce bottles and come with a 100 percent, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

Visit or call 800/221-5351 for more information.

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