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Accu-Sort Announces AXIOM™ Bar Code Scanners Are Helping Distribution Centers Cut Costs in Current Economy

Monday, February 2, 2009

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Accu-Sort Systems, a major supplier of auto ID systems, announced that its AXIOM™ laser bar code scanners are a solution for distribution center managers who are looking for cost and efficiency savings to cope with the current economy.

An installation of 12 AXIOM bar code scanners helped triple throughput for a major distribution center that added new picking lines, by achieving a 99 percent plus read rate. In addition, the company saved on installation cost because the AXIOM scanners have on-board Ethernet connectivity that simplified installation.

AXIOM scanners also helped a well-known clothing brand meet ambitious efficiency goals, by achieving a high first-pass read rate (99.5 percent) on parcels during sortation. The bar code scanners reduced the retailer's downtime with a design that allows modules to be quickly swapped out using only a screwdriver.

The AXIOM product line includes the AXIOM long-range laser bar-code line scanner and the AXIOM-X™ long-range laser bar-code X scanner. The AXIOM-X is like the AXIOM except that it is an omni-directional scanner capable of reading bar codes in any orientation.

A new video application note shows AXIOM bar code scanners in operation and explains how to apply laser bar code scanning for operational cost savings. Visit

Strong Incentives for Distribution Centers to Upgrade
"In the current economy, cost savings are giving companies a strong incentive to upgrade their equipment," said Cindy Zeiger, Product Manager for Accu-Sort. "The AXIOM laser bar code scanner is attractive to distribution center managers because of its fast payback and ability to lower operating costs," she said.

Even for companies that have already automated, upgrading to AXIOMs from older model bar code scanners lowers operating costs by reducing no-reads, installing faster, maximizing uptime, and minimizing maintenance, Zeiger said.

According to Zeiger, the reason for the success of the AXIOM line is that it supports industry trends and has unique features that lower cost and increase reliability.

First, warehouses are moving to Ethernet environments, and AXIOM bar code scanners have built-in Ethernet communication. Second, conveyors are moving faster so higher read rates are required. AXIOM scanner provides high read rates - especially in high-speed or wide-belt applications where AXIOM outperforms many competing products. Finally, companies are focused on the total cost of equipment ownership. The AXIOM design lowers installation and maintenance costs, and for less cost it provides better functionality than competing products.

Reduced Installation Costs
As part of a multi-scanner tunnel system, the AXIOM bar code scanner has unique advantages over competing products. Each AXIOM scanner has built-in control and multiplexing, so users do not need to buy and install a separate control unit. A second scanner in the tunnel will automatically assume the master control function if the primary scanner fails, giving the system extra reliability. And because setup parameters are stored in its base, a new scan head requires no setup: all parameters are uploaded to the scan head with the push of a button. Unlike some suppliers, Accu-Sort does not charge AXIOM customers additional cost for Ethernet communication or parameter storage.

Reduced Maintenance Costs
Where maintenance is concerned, AXIOM's industry-leading MTBF (mean time between failures) of 70,000+ hours minimizes costs. Diagnostic features in the hardware and software can be used to monitor critical system functions including scan rate, bar code readability, and conveyor speed.

If unit replacement is necessary, the AXIOM's modular construction and plug-and-play capability mean that a malfunctioning component can be replaced in five minutes, using only a screwdriver, instead of the 45 minutes many other scanners require.

Increased Efficiency and Throughput
The AXIOM's high scan rate (up to 1400 scans per second) ensures the highest possible read rates on both good- and poor-quality bar codes. This increases throughput and lowers the cost associated with manually handling no-read items.

More Information
For more information about the wide range of Accu-Sort laser- and camera-based bar code solutions, call 800/BAR-CODE or visit, where visitors can see a video application note about AXIOM bar code scanners and operational cost savings.

About Accu-Sort
Accu-Sort Systems is a pioneer in advanced auto ID systems with more than three decades of experience deploying and supporting scanning, tracking and sortation solutions in various industries including transportation, logistics, industrial/manufacturing, and retail. The company is one of the world's leading providers of high-speed laser and camera-based solutions for barcode reading, convergent RFID solutions, as well as complete turn-key integrated systems solutions. 800/BAR-CODE or

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