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Wynright Client Asset Modernization Program extends useful life of Material Handling Systems

Friday, April 24, 2015

Wynright Corporation, a subsidiary of Daifuku North America Holding Company and  provider of intelligent material handling systems, announced an expansion of its after-sales market support program to meet the needs of organizations grappling to stay ahead of re-shoring and omni-channel fulfillment trends. Its new Client Asset Modernization initiative helps Wynright clients improve the performance and productivity of their aging material handling systems.

Wynright offers a complete set of material handling solutions for easy integration with a client’s business processes and applications for competitive advantage. As part of the initiative, Wynright is working to help clients consider alternative technologies and processes, which will extend the useful lives of their current systems. This approach is especially critical when budget constraints prevent clients from replacing entire systems.
“We’re working with our clients to address aging material handling systems in a more intelligent way,” said Clint Lasher, Executive Vice President of Wynright. “In the past, much of the electrical and mechanical equipment in distribution centers were stand-alone systems from multiple vendors. We’re finding that more and more companies are taking a proactive approach, and are looking for ways to maximize performance and mitigate their risk factors.”

A recent survey from market research firm IDC speaks to the dire consequences of one of those risks – downtime. Seventy-one percent of U.S. businesses lose anywhere from $125,000 to $17-million from just 10 hours of downtime per year.

A key component of the Asset Modernization initiative is Wynright’s Wynsoft™ Supply Chain Execution Solution software, which aligns business intelligence, WMS (Warehouse Management System), WCS (Warehouse Control System) and machine controls across a single platform.

“With most of these older facilities, we’re dealing with a variety of system components, enterprise resources and other operational tools from multiple vendors,” Lasher said. With our software, we’re able to upgrade these facilities so each of the components can communicate and share information across a common dashboard – regardless of who initially provided each component. We are now able to capture and analyze data, system-wide, giving our clients the power to make timely, informed business decisions.”
Wynsoft is a trademark of Wynright Corporation.

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